You gotta love Vimeo.  It’s the video geek’s version of YouTube, not nearly as large as the Google-owned property, but the enthusiasm is fantastic there.  And one of the best things about Vimeo is their weekend projects.  Recently, they did their second annual One Day on Earth project, where they encouraged people to shoot “a day in the life” on 11-11-11 (their previous one occurred 10-10-10), and they have submissions from all over the world.  Then they did an experimental “1 Minute” project where videos had to be exactly one minute with no camera movement or editing.  This weekend, they’re getting people to shoot and submit fake movie trailers.  I love fake movie trailers.

Fake Trailers – A Vimeo Weekend Project

As an example, they feature this one from Funny Or Die:

Here’s an all-time classic from Cracked:

What’s great about making fake trailers is that you don’t actually have to shoot a real movie.  You just write some random scenes, shoot them, and then cobble them together in the editing room.  And everyone who has watched a few movies in their day is familiar with the beats of a trailer.  I’ve done a few fake trailers in my day and they are some of the funnest video projects you can ever work on.  It’s a good excuse to play around, have fun, and learn a thing or two about shooting and editing.

In fact, I’d recommend doing these for anyone looking to get started in video, since you learn so much about the process.  In editing, it’s finding the right timing necessary to nail comedy down, and once it all starts coming together, it’s tremendously satisfying to see the final product.

Vimeo is asking for 1-2 minute fake trailers and the deadline for entry is Tuesday, December 6.