Vimeo have restructured the way they offer their video on demand service and viewers now have the choice to either rent content or to buy it outright. Content creators can also supply pre-orders if there is such a demand and also generate exclusive promo codes. Those creators will also see more in-depth stats for their content such as trailer play counts. It’s the first major upgrade for the service since its launch in March 2013 and one which offers much more flexibility for all concerned.

New Rental and Own Pricing Options

The new pricing alternatives mean that Vimeo Pros can distribute their work at different price brackets and monitor which of those options work best in terms of monetization for them. Creators need to be proactive in enabling this but the new feature widens the scope considerably for both creators and Vimeo’s 100 million monthly unique visitors.

Promo Codes Allow Certain Parties Watch Content For Free

Directors can also create unique promo codes that enable their viewers to access content at no cost at all to them. These codes can be sent out to partners and press contacts.

vimeo on demand rental

New Preorder Facility For Better Marketing

All Vimeo On Demand sellers can now make their content available for pre-ordering while they use other resources to build up interest for their product.

Improved Analytics Give More Feedback On Viewing Stats And Engagement

Vimeo on Demand now offers vendors the opportunity to see how their trailers are performing along with stats on paid video plays and additional revenue details. This info is being rolled into the ‘Advanced Statistics’ page for easier access.

At the moment, users of the site have access to an on-demand library of over 2,000 titles but it’s clear that Vimeo are going all out to widen the appeal of the service. The new updates come on the back of the announcement that Vimeo are offering a cash reward in return for the digital rights of interested Toronto Film Festivals entrants.