AdoTube announced the launch of its new division, VidLogic, a full online video campaign management platform for in-stream video advertisers. Basically, it allows you to track your entire online video campaign in one easy interface regardless of where you buy you ad placements, whether it be ad network, exchange or directly from publishers.

One of the major benefits is the ability to track GRPs (gross rating points or essentially reach of the campaign) and compare them for all placements, something that has generally required several analytics packs or pieces of software in the past and at the very least, multiple browser windows or spreadsheets.

VidLogic Functions

VidLogic gives advertisers and agencies a suite of tools that offers asset management, deployment, analytics and other information.

  • Creative Production: VidLogic’s Creative Studio enables advertisers of all sizes to leverage their existing assets to create truly engaging interactive creative using formats such as the Polite Pre-Roll, Ad Selector, or Interactive Overlay all within a 24-hour turn around period.
  • Planning & Buying: Plan, forecast and buy inventory directly. Through strategic partnerships with top exchanges, networks, as well as direct relationships with premium publishers, VidLogic provides access to nearly 95% of global video inventory that comScore tracks.
  • All-inclusive Campaign Management: Manage and deploy campaigns using AdoTube’s proven video ad serving technology and proprietary targeting database or marketers can leverage their own tools.
  • Global Tracking & Reporting: Tracking that spans all inventory sources creating unified reports. Marketers can use this data with leading display desks for retargeting and remarketing of display ads.

I can see how a single location for all of that would be ideal all around. In fact, if you could compare GRPs for your online video campaigns versus those of your TV campaigns. With mobile thrown in the mix you could literally track your entire three screen campaign performance from a single location and that, is exactly what, we as an industry, need.

Three Screen Campaign Convergence?

Advertisers are still wary of online video advertising and are throwing a lot of money into TV, and why not? Nearly every single household in America has one or more TVs in them so what better way to reach consumers. But they might not realize that online video also reaches about 87% of consumers (a stat I got from VidLogic so grain of salt there). That’s a pretty large cross section of consumers.

Currently, VidLogic doesn’t do TV in the traditional sense. It can work into your connected TV ad strategy but that’s not quite the same.

What I have been hearing lately, and it was shown in the recent IAB Canada and Brightroll report, is that advertisers want to be able to compare reach of TV vs online video campaigns and that will be a major deciding factor along with things like purchase intent increase I imagine, on where they place their ad budgets moving forward. 78% of respondents in that survey also said that they believe that online video ads are as effective or more effective than TV.

I have also heard lately that the price of online video is high. So being better able to compare those two side-by-side with less hassle could certainly show the true value of online video ads to those TV advertisers who have been limiting their online ad spend based on these two factors.

VidLogic Metrics

Audience metrics based on ad format and drill down on content to determine which sites performed best and on which media devices.

  • The Right Audience: Leveraging AdoTube’s Proprietary Database, VidLogic enables advertisers to target based on detailed demographic, ZIP-code-level geographic, contextual and behavioral data using tools such as AdoTube’s Response-Based Behavioral Targeting. Advertiser can also plug-in any 3rd-party tool or data-source.
  • The Right Message: Optimize campaigns via any number of digital and brand metrics, and even optimize creative execution by using AdoTube’s Creative Studio Wizard.
  • The Right Format: Advanced technology scans the video stream, reading metadata keywords to understand video content, allowing advertiser deliver the best format that best matches a consumer experience.
  • The Right Context: Both technology and a manual review of all video content is used to screen and examine questionable content prior to an advertisement being served ensuring brand safety.

 VidLogic also provides deeper brand insights into metrics such as awareness, favorability, purchase intent and more though AdoTube’s In-Stream Response brand studies.