It’s no surprise when you take a look at “what’s trending” on YouTube, you see a host of election videos, usually something a candidate said that was either candidacy-killing or somehow awe inspiring.  Everybody has their agenda when it comes to posting these videos.  But you know, the election inspires many creators to come out with videos making fun of both candidates.  Or, maybe I can learn something about the election that I didn’t know before.  Here are a handful of videos that are informative and/or entertaining.

From Epic Rap Battles to CGP Grey: Something For Everyone

Let’s allow CGP Grey to give us a lesson on what happens if the election were to end in an electoral tie:

Bad Lip Reading recently posted this hilariously ridiculous take on the first Presidential debate, called “Eye of the Sparrow:”

Alphacat, who has been leveraging Obama and his excellent impersonation of him all year, including my favorite in which he has Obama sing a “99 Problems” cover:

Let’s go straight back to CGP Grey now, who explains how the Electoral College works:

Don’t worry, though, Grey explains there’s plenty of problems with that system:

Epic Rap Battles pitted the two candidates together in their usual, witty style, and teaming with the aforementioned Alphacat:

You might as well hear the Town Hall debate “songified” by Schmoyoho, or as you’ll be calling it later, “Who’s Gonna Work It Out?”:

Anyway, hopefully these videos will brighten up your day.  They did mine.