If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past few weeks, it’s that a brand can come out of absolutely nowhere and smash the competition completely out of the park when it comes to a killer video advertising campaign. That’s just what happened last month with ‘First Kiss‘, a video which broke all number of rules yet still propelled its owners to became the #1 most shared global brand of March 2014. We know what they did right, of course, but who could have predicted that a video which wasn’t even uploaded to that brand’s very own YouTube channel, and that was released in such a way that millions watched before even guessing that it was an ad for designer clothing, could have gone so super viral? With 1.44 million shares, it was the clear winner last month, and we’re sure that it’s given many other brands and agencies much food for though. Enough with the parodies already though.

Samsung take the #2 spot with their 1,072,906 shares, 384,551 of which came from their extraordinarily dull ad for the Galaxy S5. Two children’s charities claim the #3 and #4 positions with two very powerful pieces of content that were shared a combined 1.59 million times. Let’s take a look at the most shared brands, and their most shared videos, of last month:

Top Social Video Brands: March 2014

#1 Wren: Shares: 1,439,096

Notable campaigns: Wren Clothing: First Kiss – 1.44 million shares

Position last month: Not in top 100

#2 Samsung: Shares: 1,072,906

Notable campaigns: Samsung: Galaxy S5 – Official Hands-On – 384,551


Position last month: 34th

3# Save the Children: Shares: 869,657

Notable campaigns: Save The Children: Most Shocking Second A Day Video – 866,365

Position last month: Not in top 100

#4 Coordown: Shares: 718,900

Notable campaigns: Coordown: Dear Future Mom – 718,900

Position last month: Not in top 100

#5 Pepsi: Shares: 635,818

Notable campaigns: Pepsi Max: Test Drive 2 – 423,204


Position last month: 12th

#6 Chanel: Shares: 350,738

Notable campaigns: Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle – She’s Not There – 214,089

Position last month: 57th

#7 EDEKA: Shares: 323,848

Notable campaigns: Edeka: Supergeil – 152,017

Position last month: 6th

#8 Failte Ireland: Shares: 224,495

Notable campaigns: FailteIrelandTV: St Patrick’s Day – #IrelandInspires – 224,495

Position last month: Not in top 100

#9 Coca-Cola: Shares: 200,735

Notable campaigns: Coca-Cola: Social Media Guard – 127,862

Position last month: 2nd

#10 Walt Disney: Shares: 144,176

Notable campaigns: Disney: FROZEN – Let It Go – 116,464

Position last month: 21st

H/T to Unruly for the data.