The most shared individual video ads of February 2014 included only a handful of content created around that massive adstravaganza, the Super Bowl. But when it comes to brand performance, viewers gave their social sharing love, by a staggering margin, to a commercial that dominates both charts. ‘Puppy Love’ contributed 1.16 million of the 1.5 million shares that Budweiser received across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere last month. The ad, an emotionally charged story of a dog and his equine pal that was created for the 2014 Super Bowl campaign, has generated 48,505,796 views on YouTube and confirms the retail brand’s place in the classic video ad Hall of Fame.

There are some other very familiar names in the top 10 whose video advertising resonated so well with viewers that they engaged with, and shared it across the internet. Coca-Cola take the #2 spot with their 918,441 shares, 255,026 of which came from their hilarious ad for a human dog collar/social media guard. This creative approach has been used many times before it’s Coke so it’s no surprise to see how far their reach extended. The #3 spot belongs to Go Pro whose ad, released just at the end of January 2014, is the 8:17 minute story of that incredible Felix Baumgartner ascent to earth in October 2012. The fact that Go Pro continue to master the art of collaboration with other brands to promote their product, and the popularity of the footage that many of us have seen time and time again, is testament to how good this company is at using video as the ultimate marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at the most shared brands, and their most shared videos, of last month:

Viral Video Advertising: Top brands of February 2014

#1 Budweiser – Total Shares: 1.5 million.

Biggest ad of the month: Budweiser: Puppy Love – 1.16 million shares

Position last month: 2nd

#2 Coca-Cola – Total Shares: 918,441

Biggest ad of the month: Coca-Cola: Social Media Guard – 255,026 shares

Position last month: 13th

#3 GoPro – Total Shares: 602,828

Biggest ad: GoPro: Red Bull Stratos – The Full Story – 401,394 shares

Position last month: 7th

#4 Learn For Life – Total Shares: 540,887

Biggest ad last month: Learn for Life: Set Yourself Free – 540,887 shares

Position last month: New entry

#5 SOS Mayday – Total Shares: 456,769

Biggest ad: SOS Mayday: Would You Give Your Jacket To Johannes – 456,769 shares

Position last month: New entry

#6 EDEKA – Total Shares: 372,406

Biggest ad: EDEKA: Supergeil – 252,790 shares

Position last month: New entry

#7 Schwarzkopf – Total Shares: 335,099

Biggest ad: Schwarzkopf: You – 335,099

Position last month: New entry

#8 Canadian Institute Of Diversity And Inclusion – Total Shares: 310,857

Biggest ad: Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion: Luge – 310,857 shares

Position last month: New entry

#9 PBS Studios – Total Shares: 288,443

Biggest ad: Sesame Street: Benedict Cumberbatch – 249,791

Position last month: 119th

#10 Melbourne Metro – Total Shares: 285,788

Biggest ad: Melbourne Metro: Dumb Ways To Valentine – 174,922 shares

Position last month: 16th

H/T to Unruly for the data.