It’s Mother’s Day in the U.S. this weekend, and an ad that’s all about being a mother tops the most shared for its brand for April 2014. The commercial, “World’s Toughest Job Interview“, from Card Store by American Greetings, is a push for it’s personalized greeting card service, Card Store and the brand wanted to acknowledge the hard work that mothers (I presume that a Father’s Day vid is on the way?) have in bringing up children. Candidates to a mock interview were asked whether they would accept a Director of Operations positions that would entail such benefits as zero salary, no vacation entitlement, no breaks during the day (or night) and meal breaks only when your work associate has taken their break first.

Potential employees were asked during the interview whether “if you had a life, we’d ask you to give that life up.” The big reveal is that billions of women are asked to do this every single day – and that’s because they are mothers. The ad has come under attack for it overly-sentimental and manipulative message, but it’s struck a chord with the public and attracted (at time of writing) 1,323,199 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the Blogosphere, and 18 million plus views on YouTube.

A life insurance company takes the #2 spot as the most shared brand, with its super-viral video that plays on the viewer’s emotions to excellent affect. Spots #3 and #4 are soccer related, as #7 and #8. Let’s take a look at the most shared brands, and their most shared videos, of last month:

Top Social Video Brands: April 2014

#1 Cardstore – Shares: 1,323,199

Most successful video: Card Store: World’s Toughest Job – 1,323,199 shares

Position in top 100 last month: N/A

#2 Thai Life Insurance – Shares: 1,198,311

Most successful video: TVC Thai Life Insurance – 1,176,502

Position in top 100 last month: N/A

#3 Castrol – Shares: 933,742

Most successful video: Castrol: Footkhana – 850,458

Position in top 100 last month: N/A

#4 Nike – Shares: 863,626

Most successful video: Nike: Winner Stays – 779,335

Position in top 100 last month: 31st

#5 Google – Shares: 527,814

Most successful video: Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge – 497,847

Position in top 100 last month: 34th

#6 Evian – Shares: 468,753

Most successful video: Evian And Spider-Man: The Amazing Baby & Me – 354,877

Position in top 100 last month: 35th

#7 adidas – Shares: 396,335

Most successful video: adidas: Qué significa ser del Real Madrid? – 126,002

Position in top 100 last month: 18th

#8 ESPN – Shares: 303,773

Most successful video: ESPN: I Believe – 52,756

Position in top 100 last month: 16th

#9 Honey Maid – Shares: 271,084

Most successful video: Honey Maid: Love – 260,395

Position in top 100 last month: 87th

#10 Cornetto – Shares: 253,302

Most successful video: Cornetto – Yeniden – 185,539

Position in top 100 last month: N/A

All data from Unruly.