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HTML5 Browser Support Growing Fast; Chrome Takes 33% Market Share [Report]

80% of browsers support HTML5 video technology and Chrome has a 33% share of that market, the biggest piece of the pie compared to others like Firefox and IE9+ which only have a 14% share. On the mobile front iOS and Android account for 8% each of total HTML5 browser installs.

How YouTube Works: A Video About YouTube’s Video Technology

Are you sick of YouTube videos buffering? Well, the site hates it as much as you, and they are constantly trying to improve their technological infrastructure so it doesn't happen. That's not an easy task with all the challenges they face.

The Pros And Cons Of DRM for HTML5

DRM in HTLM5 has been a hot topic for years but what does imposing restrictions on digital content mean for the industry? Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and the W3C have all come out in favour of it which could mean huge changes in the future for every consumer of online content.

Google’s New VP9 Codec: Better Video at Half the Bandwidth?

Google wants their new VP9 codec to be royalty-free, but patent disputes could prevent that from happening. Meanwhile, VP9 is supposed to have double the image quality using half the compression of H.264. In other news: H.264 could be H.265 soon, so there's that.

The First Google Glass Videos Hit the Web

The first Google Glass videos have hit the web. Now everybody sit back and criticize their video quality and content! Actually, these are pretty cool, kind of giving us hints at the possibilities of Glass in the future, and we'll likely be seeing some better ones in the next few months.

Raspberry Pi Finally Gets a Camera, Looks For Video Testers

At just a year old, super mini computer the Raspberry Pi is about to get its first camera module and the brains behind the technology want you to test it before it goes on general sale. Entries are open now so get your thinking caps on!

Google Glass to Be Widely Available By the End of 2013?

Google is set to release Google Glass, their multi-tasking voice-controlled video headset, by the end of 2013. The price will run around $1,500. With all the features that you know from Google built in, and constantly analyzing, you too can be a Terminator. It only took 30 years.

Google Glass Releases New Video: Can Actually Buying Them Be Far Behind?

Google teases us yet again with another video for Google Glass, the glasses with video capabilities that you can get to do things with voice commands. They gave us a taste awhile back with a stunt-filled Google Hangout that showed off the capabilities of the glasses, but only a select group of people were able to acquire them. Now, they've opened up the availability but you can't just go to a store and buy them just yet.