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Track Your Top Videos With New YouTube Analytics Feature

If you have a lot of video content on YouTube (or a lot of channels), you'll want to see how each video is performing for you in terms of views, engagement etc. Now, in a new feature, you can see compare your top videos against each other in terms of viewer location, time watched and % of video watched.

Embed Instagram Does What It Says On The Tin

Super excited about that Instagram video that you have created and want to get it on your own site? Or perhaps you want to curate others' content? A new online tool allows you to do just that. In other news, Instagram video is kicking Vine where it most hurts - on Twitter.

How to Script Your Explainer Videos with Celtx [Video]

Writing the script for a narrated explainer video can be tough, especially when you're trying to visualize a whole bunch of information and trying to figure out the timing of everything. The following video demonstrates how to use Celtx when writing the script for your explainer video.

MōVI Cam Stabilizer Is Pricey, But Video Showing It Off Is Awesome

The new MōVI cam stabilizer is still going to be well out of most people's price range, but the video showing it off is perfect for those who can afford it, because it not only informs, it entertains. So even those of us who can't spend $14,995 on an accessory like this can still enjoy it.

An In-Depth Look at Adobe’s Next Generation of Pro Video Apps

Adobe is revealing the next generation of their professional video and audio products: Adobe Story, Prelude, Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, SpeedGrade and Media Encoder. The company is clearly embracing the market for video production and is ever more committed to delivering value to pros from pre to post - and then some - AND, ReelSEO got a sneak peek look at the new features.

Vimeo Gives Creators Video Enhancement Capabilities with ‘Looks’

Vimeo introduced a new addition to their Enhancer today called "Looks," a video filter system that allows you to try on different kinds of looks to your video to give it a more professional-looking quality. Partnering with Vivoom, Vimeo now has video and music options on site for creators looking to enhance their videos a little more cheaply than buying expensive software to do the job.

How VidIQ Grows Audiences: Announces YouTube Marketing Suite for Brands

Sometimes, a content creator has no idea what they need to do after the video is finished and uploaded. A ton of work has to be done to ensure that it will be seen. How do brands do that? VidIQ is a service that does all that hard work for brands, so that they can rest easy that their video's visibility has been optimized.

Professional YouTube Translation in 36 Languages Now Available

YouTube is teaming with professional services Gengo and to bring strong foreign language translation capabilities to your videos. After you upload English captions, you'll have the ability to "Request Translation" in your Video Manager, and you can either invite friends to translate or go with the pros.