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Corridor Digital Spins Cat Videos Into Special Effects Awesomeness

Corridor Digital has created a video that has all the elements of a mega-viral success. It's a cat video, but not your ordinary cat video. It's one where cats are doing their usual cat things, but this time, they're providing a valuable service against bad guys. Soon to be shared by a mom near you.

Meteor Video Friday: Russia’s Video Capabilities Are Amazing

The amazing video footage of a meteor crashing into Russia was caught on cameras everywhere: security cams, dash cams, phones, and more. So now, we have tons of videos to choose from to watch an incredible event that you usually only hear about well after the fact. Here's a compilation of meteor videos currently on YouTube.

Love These Videos for Valentine’s Day 2013

Today is Valentine's Day, and like any other holiday or special occasion, YouTube is filled with Valentine's Day-themed videos, from comedy to food to advice to...

YouTube Videos That Missed The Top 10 Cut In 2012

When YouTube released their Top 10 Viewed Videos of 2012, that meant a lot of videos that reached a very high level of engagement were left out of the party.  L...

All You Want For Christmas Are These Videos

Merry Christmas, everyone.  It's no surprise that there is no shortage of Christmas videos to be found this season.  Finding them isn't difficult; paring them d...