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Fun Video Friday: VidCon Edition

In this week's Fun Video Friday: we see a panhandler who is not, I repeat, not looking for change. Rhett, Link, Key, and Peele all show us how to take a photo. A bear steals dumpsters. ZeFrank takes us into the world of owls. These videos will just put a smile on that face.

Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition

Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition has Saturday Night Live actors who can't stay in character, Vsauce asks where your data goes when you delete it on your computer, and Rhett & Link know what women want...oh yayuh...

Why Video Sharing Matters More Than You Might Realize

While a lot of us care about how many views a video gets, it's really the sharing that matters most, especially for brands--when friends share with friends, video gets instant credibility from it, and it doesn't have the intrusiveness of a brand directly marketing to a consumer.

Fine Bros. Focus ‘Kids React’ to ‘Controversial’ Cheerios Ad

The Fine Bros. got kids to react to the "controversial" Cheerios ad showing a biracial couple. The reactions, without any context given to them beforehand, are awesome. It's a small sample size of children, but maybe we have hope as a human race.

Video Overload: Funnest Friday Ever [Fun Video Friday]

Quite possibly the most videos we've ever compiled for Fun Video Friday. This week was chock full of entertaining bits, and it was hard to keep track of them all, but darned if we tried. This compilation will keep you more than occupied today and over the weekend.

Summer Beats, Trick Shots, and RC Battles [Fun Video Friday]

On this edition of Fun Video Friday, we finally figure out what the European Union is...sort of. And why things are creepy...sort of. And why One Direction exists...sort of. There's never any certainty in this world, except that these videos are fun to watch, and it's Friday.

Vine’s New Update Makes Discovery Easier, Includes Better Camera, Revines

Vine's update looks towards discovery while improving the camera features. Now included in the Vine app are categories, On the Rise, Revines, and more. While the update is certainly in response to all the news about Instagram, Vine doesn't need to "beat" them and will do well by keeping the updates coming

Channing Tatum Becomes A Verb and A Noun [Fun Video Friday]

By the end of today's Fun Video Friday, you will know all about "Channing All Over Your Tatum." Or maybe not. Or maybe the prospect of learning what it is will cause you to skip the video entirely. A star-studded set of videos coming your way.