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Fun Video Friday: Muppets and Bad, Bad Internet Cats

Want to see some of best videos of the past 7 days - that don't include Devil Attack Baby? Then you're in luck as we bring you the truth behind those internet cats you love so much, show you behind the scenes at Google Search and see what really happened when BatKid took to the streets of San Francisco.

YouTube Let a Little Early Light in on Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Super Bowl ads are a huge event in the U.S. online marketing calendar, and they are also big news for YouTube. Last year, they attracted 265 million views for the site and now YouTube has launched their new 'AdBlitz' Channel to give users a chance to watch, share and vote for them.

NBC Strike Winter Olympics Video Content Deal With Facebook

After the success of the 2012 London Games, NBC are again teaming up with Facebook to promote their video coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics. NBC plan around 1000 hours of online video coverage over the 2 weeks, with the Facebook deal the first big social partnership announced.

2014 World Cup: Greatest Video Advertising Opportunity Ever?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is only 6 months away and it's already gearing up to be one of the biggest video advertising opportunities ever, perhaps the biggest we've ever seen. Brands have a golden opportunity to reach their target audience like never before.

Devil Baby Attack: ReelSEO’s Viral Video of the Week

Many have sounded the death knell to the prankvertising campaign but a new ad to promote the 'Devil's Due' movie, has already attracted over 22 million views in 2 days and has spread like wildfire across social media.

5 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 15th January 2014

The best Vines of the last 7 days include Dunkin Donuts glamming it up at the Golden Globes, Dove showing us how to tie the perfect Windsor Knot, plus Nokia announce their Lumia update rollout via the medium of bad hair.

YouTube Offers Partners the Keys to the LA Space

If you have 10,000+ subscribers to your YouTube channel, then you could be shooting your next video at YouTube Space LA - for free! YouTube is opening the door of their state of the venue to creators via its "Unlock the Space" initiative. Sign up today!

VidCon 2014 Ready to Rock Anaheim This June

The video industry's annual jamboree, VidCon, is coming back to the Anaheim Convention Centre on June 26th - 28th 2014 for three entertaining, fun-packed days. Now in its 5th year, VidCon is expected to attract around 18,000 visitors and a host of YouTube superstars.

Digital Video Tops TV Ad Awards: Google, Netflix, Kindle, Vizio

Some major online brands have pulled off upsets and knocked off major TV ad brands this year. Google took home two awards including Best Ad of 2013, Netflix took a surprising category, Kindle showed the power of live streaming video and Vizio shows that no market is safe from upstarts. Find out who got what and how.

DreamWorks Teams with YouTube for Daily Web Series

YouTube is partnering with Hollywood production studios, DreamWorks Animation, on a daily web series that will point viewers to the hottest new trends on the world’s largest video search engine. However, is this just a one off deal or is there a new trend that is starting to emerge at YouTube in terms of content creation?

December 2013: Online Content Videos Exceed 50 Billion Monthly Views

December saw a marked rise in online video viewing with 5 billion more views than the previous month. It translated into over 52 billion reported views and over 35 billion video ads, 204 ads per viewer and a total reach of 55.6% of the US population, or roughly 188.25M people.

Fun Video Friday: Monty Python, Etch-a-Sketch and Headaches

Always wanted to know some true facts about the armadillo, or see just how bad your head can hurt after watching a video, or perhaps look on with envy as someone creates a story on an Etch-a-Sketch better than you ever will? It's Fun Video Friday time!

Hell Yeah: WWE Sees Future of Digital Video

WWE has announced the launch of the WWE Network, a 24/7 streaming resource for wrestling fans which will include reality shows, documentaries, behind the scenes footage and classic matches. There's also a pay-per-view feature for events like Wrestlemania.

5 of the Best Branded Vines of the Week 8th January 2014

The best Vines of the past 7 days include footage of Toyota's snazzy 'i-road', an electric three-wheeler that leans right into the bend as it takes a corner, plus Samsung show us how to protect our mobiles from the freezing cold weather by knitting them a cover.