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state of the union

Your Week in Live-streaming: State of the Union Address

Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union is broadcast tonight, but you don't have to be sat in front of a television screen to watch it. Almost every major news site, and dozens of major YouTube channels, will be live-streaming the event so viewers can catch every minute.

Westboro Baptist Church Takes to Vine To Vent More Hatred

Vine is a very powerful platform for social video and alongside the many brands and individuals that use the site, there are organizations creating short-form content that isn't always as palatable. Welcome to the world of the Westboro Baptist Church on Vine.
american football

Fun Video Friday: Video Games, American Football and Disney

Ever wondered what heavy censorship would do to those innocent Disney movies, or what human flesh would taste like, or whether playing video games actually makes you smarter? Then find out for yourself as you join us for our pick of the best videos of the week.

Vimeo Experiments with Animated Thumbnails. We Like.

Vimeo is experimenting with animated thumbnails for a small selection of videos featured in its 'Staff Picks' section. They are asking for feedback from site users as to whether they think they are intrusive or whether they entice that user to click on that video.
year on vine

Happy First Birthday Vine! It's Been an Eventful Year

Vine is one year old tomorrow and the site has created a special page that celebrates some of the most creative, inventive, funniest and memorable Vines of the last 12 months. Can you spot any of your favorites?
prankvertising jumping the shark

2014: The Year Prankvertising Jumps the Shark?

2013 was the year of the prankvert but can that format survive into 2014 when the public are so aware of it? What other social video trends will emerge in 2014 and how can brands and video marketers and advertisers join in the conversation?
old spice muscle

New Old Spice Ads Ask Men to Take a Good Look at Themselves

If a friend sends you a link to check out flavoring for your soul patch, or where to buy a t-shirt that can hide your body fat and give you great muscle definition at the same time, then click on it and watch the latest video ads from Old Spice.

How Bad Does Your ISP Suck at Streaming Video? Google Will Tell You

YouTube aims to provide each user with a fast-loading video that never, ever buffers, but that's not always possible due to outside factors, one of which is ISP performance. Now Google will tell you just how good or bad your ISP is when it comes to video playback.
svod us 2014

SVOD to Overtake Premium TV in U.S. This Year?

Two trends are getting ready to converge because of the way we are changing how we watch video content. Premium TV subscriptions are dropping while subscription VOD users are rising. Are we going to see a going to be a platform dominance change, with SVOD taking the lead and perhaps push those channels into offering digital-only options.
xbox one youtube

Microsoft Is Paying YouTubers To Promote Xbox One

A leaked report suggests that Microsoft struck a deal with gaming MCN Machinima to promote the Xbox on YouTube with the proviso that creators did not disclose details of any payments received. That potentially violates FTC rules for the companies involved.
dj earworm youtube rewind 2013

Q&A: DJ Earworm on Music, Mash-ups and YouTube Rewind 2013

DJ Earworm is YouTube's most successful mash-up DJ and the site chose him to create the soundtrack for YouTube Rewind 2013. He talks to ReelSEO about music, mash-ups, the ContentID system and why he'll be happy if he never hears 'Blurred Lines' ever again.
bbc news instagram

Bite-sized BBC News Comes To Instagram Video

After confirmation that more viewers than ever are accessing their content via mobile devices, the BBC is trialing a new bite-sized news service on Instagram's short-form video platform. Due to run for a month, the BBC are keen to see how the feature appeals to users of the site.

Most Viewed YouTube Ads In Brazil December 2013

Soccer, perhaps unsurprisingly, was the main feature of 6 out of the 10 most viewed video ads in Brazil last month. With 5 months still to go until the 2014 World Cup, the public's appetite for the game, and anything related to it, is only going to increase.
internet cats

Fun Video Friday: Muppets and Bad, Bad Internet Cats

Want to see some of best videos of the past 7 days - that don't include Devil Attack Baby? Then you're in luck as we bring you the truth behind those internet cats you love so much, show you behind the scenes at Google Search and see what really happened when BatKid took to the streets of San Francisco.