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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Prank Behind Viral Twerking Fail Video

Comedian and internet troll genius Jimmy Kimmel has revealed that he was behind the recent 'Twerk Fail - Girl Catches Fire' video that has taken YouTube by storm over the past week. He let us in on the secret on his ABC show in a video about a video that's about to go viral itself.

Are You Ready for Some Football (and/or Soccer) Videos?

A look at football, the English way, and football the American way....and how videos kicking off their new seasons are trying to appeal to audiences. The two videos in question: An American Coach in London with Jason Sudeikis and Football on Your Phone with the Mannings.

Skittles Lets You Decide Which Figurine Dies in Latest Wacky Ad

Skittles' new ad, called "Skittles Figurines," has people choose which figurine they want to get smashed after the first one produces mountains of Skittles. YouTube's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure landscape using annotations can make ads fun and interactive.

A Humorous Look at ‘How to Make A Viral’

It's interesting trying to figure out "how to make a viral video." Chances are, though, if you have "viral" in mind while making a video you're probably not thinking the right way. Anyway, here's a video from Hunka Wunda (and bonus vids from Daily Grace and Nigahiga) that tell you the secrets of viral video creation.

Looking Back On The Harlem Shake: Postmortem of a Video Craze

Ah Harlem Shake, it's been nice knowing you but your time is up and now we await the next video meme to take the world by storm. While we mourn, let's take a look back at some stats and surprises about the Harlem Shake.

Did the Video ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Work?

Thinkmodo's "Elevator Murder Experiment" is the latest example of viral video marketing that generated a ton of views for the video in question, but did it help or hurt the movie's chances at the box office? I'll be taking a look at past Thinkmodo campaigns and try to find an answer.

Now We Can All Create Our Own Dancing Pony Remix. Awesome.

Move over Harlem Shake, Socks the dancing Shetland Pony is set to trounce all comers in every viral video chart for the next few weeks. However, replicating a moonwalking horse isn't so easy for those who like to take a trend and run with it but a new remix tool lets everyone join in the fun.

Slow Burner “Wealth Inequality In America” Video Goes Viral

A 6 and a half minute long infographic led video is the latest to take YouTube and the social media networks by storm - despite being uploaded back in November 2012. It has turned relatively complex economic data into an more easily digestible format and is quickly dividing those from both sides of the political divide.

New Oreo Video Takes Cookie Separation To Extremes

Oreo is doing awesome things with online video and social media lately. Their latest video shows the great extremes one person will go through in order to separate the cookie from the creme in something that is almost (not quite) Rube Goldberg-esque in getting a complex machine to do a simple thing. Let's sit back and enjoy and maybe eat a cookie or two.

Viral Video Prediction Made Fun with TubeRank

TubeRank allows you to enter in a bunch of triggers and community interests into a database in order to find out what videos best exemplify the content you are trying to make. Having examples handy, with all their views and social stats, can give you a guide to what kind of viral video you're trying to make. Even if you don't use it for that, it makes for a great video discovery tool.