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Live streaming video is about streaming video content and broadcasting it live over the Internet. Here we will cover news and trends for live video streaming and live video chat. We will cover companies such as,,, Skype, and other live streaming platforms. We will also cover tips for live streaming whether it be mobile live streaming, live video chat, HTTP live streaming, live streaming TV, and more…


Starcraft Finals Streaming Live On YouTube

YouTube has been making waves recently with their live broadcasting, notably a Coldplay concert a few weeks ago.  And this weekend YouTube is live-streaming...
Bibbil Screenshot

Video Chat on Facebook with New Bibbil App

I have to admit, it's not the most intuitive name, bibbil. It sounds like a Hobbit that might be related to Bilbo in fact and that doesn't inspire thoughts of g...

YouTube Works To Let Everyone Watch Today's Lunar Eclipse Live [Update]

Lunar eclipses are not that rare but 'blood moons' are, and we have just experienced the second one this year. For those who missed it, this amazing spectacle will occur again on the 4 April 2015, but you have a chance to catch up on today's events via a Griffith Observatory video.