Live Video Streaming

Live streaming video is about streaming video content and broadcasting it live over the Internet. Here we will cover news and trends for live video streaming and live video chat. We will cover companies such as,,, Skype, and other live streaming platforms. We will also cover tips for live streaming whether it be mobile live streaming, live video chat, HTTP live streaming, live streaming TV, and more…

The YouTube Live Stream Tease: Game Developers Conference Causes Rumors

There are some whispers about the availability of YouTube Live Stream for everyone. No, no...we must settle down. Only people who already have it can use it, and it's merely improvements to the service as-is. Still, we'll discuss why this rumor took shape.

March Madness Continues Upward Trend Online

Increases in audience across the board for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, as TV and especially live streams increased their total audience by a staggering margin over 2012. The continued success for all formats with big sporting events is key for continued viability. of live sports streaming.

Google Adds Sign Language Interpreter App to Hangouts

Google has added a Sign Language Interpreter to Hangouts, so even more people can enjoy Hangouts now. The ability for everyone to be able to communicate with each other makes for a better Hang, and no one has to be left out because of technological limitations. The app allows the hearing impaired to invite interpreters to the Hangout.

Studio Streams Full Movie on Vine: Is It A Disaster?

Oscilloscope Laboratories released their movie, "It's A Disaster," on Twitter and Vine in six-second bursts. It's an interesting experiment. And if it somehow creates more awareness for your movie that you otherwise would not have gotten, it's worth a shot.

How to Find Google+ Hangouts Going On Right Now

You might be sitting home alone right now, wanting to hang out with someone in the worst way. And, if you can bookmark a simple link that will transport you to a world of Google+ Hangouts that are happening RIGHT NOW. Thanks to a tip from G+GoToGal, we will provide this link to hangout nirvana.

NASA to Turbocharge Google+ Hangout from Space

NASA has been really cool about giving us videos of outer space and missions and knowledge from their scientists via YouTube.  And now, they're going to hold th...

3rd Annual Streamys Announce Hosts and Nominees

The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards will be taking place at the Hollywood Palladium on February 17 and will be streamed live courtesy of Coca-Cola.  The Streamys retu...