Internet TV

This channel is focused on Internet TV (AKA Internet Television, Web TV, Online TV, etc…). Internet TV is essentially television content streamed and distributed via the Internet. Here we will cover news, trends, and general information about Internet TV technology. Stay informed with the latest in Internet television – including up-to-date news information on Google TV, Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, Netflix, Hulu and other emerging alternatives to traditional cable & broadcast television.


IAWTV Inaugural Web TV Award Nominees Announced

The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) have announced nominees with the awards to be given out on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at a live ceremony at ...

FreeCast Hopes to Be IPTV Discovery Giant

Let's face it, IPTV is on the rise and that means we can expect a flood of new services based around it. Everything from social viewing experiences to new disco...
verizon redbox

Can Verizon And Redbox Team Up To Kill Netflix?

Rumors began circling this week that Verizon might be planning some kind of content distribution service--a Netflix competitor, if you will. There were a great ...

Social TV Comes To Sony Bravia Connected TVs

A recent firmware update for the 2011 Sony Bravia TVs brings with it the ability to do some social networking right on your TV without ever leaving the program,...

Lenovo LeTV To Be LeConnected To LeInternet

I think that we can now officially claim the time of the connected TV is upon us. Even Lenovo is now getting into it. I guess they weren't satisfied with simply...