Google is a television brand? If you haven’t thought about that in the past, you had better start. Even though Eric Schmidt, CEO, had in the past stated Google would never advertise on television, well, it is. And it is winning awards for it, from Ace Metrix who compiles data on television and video advertising metrics. Google has only been in the television advertising game for a few years, since Super Bowl 2010 in fact. This year it pulled down some hardware for the company mantle, I’m sure there is a massive fireplace somewhere on campus to hold all the awards.

Ad of the Year 2013: Google Here’s to 2013

Google pulled down the top ad award with its Zeitgeist: Here’s to 2013, television ad which highlights the year’s major events through a search engine window. It was an ad so powerful that it crushed the competition scoring 46% higher in every category than any other ad:

Google is great at cramming emotion into 90 seconds and that’s exactly what they did in the Christmas Day ad. The Ace score of 663 for the ad was 1.5x the norm of 442, its watchability of 660 was 25% higher than the norm of 526 and its persuasion of 683 was 37% higher than the norm of 496. In terms of relevance, the ad scored 706, the norm is 474 for an astounding 49% difference. That means the ad was half again as relevant to viewers as any other ad out of the 6,400 included in the Ace Metrix. Wowza!

Google also pulled in top honors in the Technology – Software and Websites category with a score of 570 and Brand of the Year. All of the winners were based solely on the opinion of 500+ American consumers who were weighted to the census for age, gender and income.

Netflix Nails Telecom Service

You don’t often think of the word telecom when thinking about Netflix but in the grand scheme of things, that’s sort of what they are, apparently. They topped companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Dish, DirecTV, etc. They had an average score of 547 which shows how well they are being received this year after some of the company debacles of the past. Their ads? Simply showing the great content that Netflix has available for its customers. That’s really all it takes sometimes, especially when you have Breaking Bad.

Xbox Takes Game Consoles Top Spot

Microsoft did score a win, though not in search engines, but in video game consoles thanks to the launch of the Xbox One. They topped Sony and the Playstation 4 (which has some pretty good ads as well) with a sound 80 point thrashing. Ouch. Since game consoles have evolved into over-the-top boxes, I thought it was an easy decision to include them in this piece.

Kindle Runs off with Mobile Devices

Kindle also showed the power of live streaming video with its win in the Mobile Devices category where it won with its ads about the live, streaming help on the Kindle platform. It topped other device makers like LG (#2) and Windows Phone (#3) topping out the category at 578 points.

Vizio Smart in TVs

Vizio went on to win the Hardware category as it beat bigger names like Samsung, Microsoft and Intel. That’s saying something considering that Vizio was practically unknown ten years ago and is now a major television brand (both hardware and advertising wise) in the US. They make a range of connected TVs that will help you get your Netflix fix and your YouTube content all in one.