This is absolutely no surprise whatsoever, but Nielsen measured the video streaming habits of game console users and came up with data that is pretty much expected: more video was watched on gaming consoles this year than ever before.  I think what is a bit surprising is that users of the Nintendo Wii spend more than double the time with online video than users of the Playstation 3 or Xbox.  Overall, video watching on consoles saw an uptick of 7 percent this year, thanks to the availability of your usual culprits Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and the like.

Nielsen’s Breakdown Of Video Streaming On Gaming Consoles

Here’s Nielsen’s handy breakdown of what people are using gaming consoles for (just a few years ago it would have been 100% gaming, and this study would not exist):

Although that Wii streaming is amazing, so are the Playstation and Xbox numbers.  These numbers will likely increase with more available streaming options.  For instance, Xbox just now got a YouTube app in beta, so those numbers will increase next year for that console.  I don’t think 30 percent video streaming usage is unreasonable to expect on gaming consoles for the next few years, maybe hover in the 20s.  Wherever the numbers end up for years to come, the fact that gaming consoles are significantly used for other media is remarkable.