Many broadcast television shows marketed for general consumer audiences are now providing web-based complimentary versions – a good means of expanding their audience and increase advertising revenue. But can a web-based version also be successful for local television shows?

Matt Kaplan, VP of Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer for the online video platform provider PermissionTV recently talked with Grant Crowell to discuss their success in transitioning a local broadcast television show to online video programming – and the Video SEO strategies behind it.

The scenario: NYResidential, a popular local news magazine and cable television program about upscale New York homes and residential real estate, was in need of a companion online video site. Sharing the work scenario of this client, Matt explained what could typical online video needs of a local television program, and how they was able to meet all those needs with the PermissionTV Quickstart Video Player and Solutions Hub.

“We were able to get NY Residential up and running in a few days.” says Matt. “The leverage of the company is time-to-market. Our platform makes this very easy to integrate.”

Standard online video needs for a local television program:

  • High quality online video.
  • Minimal time and resources, to get up and running quickly and easily insert show information
  • Integration with any content delivery network (CDN) provider.
  • Customized player and playlist.
  • Ability to drop videos on different areas of a website.
  • Interactive functionality, especially video file sharing and incorporation of ad-supported video content.

Video SEO solutions – A SEO-friendly video publishing system

PermissionTV chose a promising industry – the real estate market – for their product example. Recently ReelSEO reported on how online real estate videos were shown to increase  perceived property values.  So what is PermissionTV doing to get their client’s videos out through the search engines and other means of organic, online distribution and sharing? Aside from the standard in-player video content embedding feature (which also includes a bookmarking link and email buttons), the PermissionTV programs also has what they call a SEO-friendly video publishing platform.

“Our publishing system can also be customized to build in a video site map or a Media RSS feed.” says Matt. “The publishing system has the ability to output in different formats. When someone goes in and hits a publish button, it writes it all out in terms of XML files.”

A money-friendly video search platform

Some of PermissionTV’s other clients, like, and their video player allow for automated ad revenue integration with Google’s Adsense. “All of our video content gets pre-indexed, so the most appropriate advertisement from the AdSense network gets picked.” explains Matt. “It’s the same model used for SEO purposes as it would be used for PPC or other paid advertising purposes.”

SEO challenges for NY Residential

Because the NYResidential program has just recently been launched, it is still early to tell how quickly and thoroughly their video content will become indexed in the universal search engine results. As it stands to date, none of the video clips appear to have been indexed by Google. There is also no page generator or speech-to-text program for individual videos. Also, MRSS feeds, while indexable by the search engines, are looked at by some SEO specialists as more a subscription feature than a true search engine indexing-and-optimization feature for video content.

However, examples from PermissionTV’s other sites like show that there is the capability to generate optimizable video content. The first key difference between that site and NY Residential is that creates individual page URLs for each video. The next one is a video sub directory, along with making “Videos” a top level feature of the navigation scheme on the masthead. If NY Residential’s distribution goals for their video include search engine visibility, they would be much more likely to achieve success by including both of these components.