I saw this blog post over at photographer Karl Taylor’s site which showed an interesting comparison of lighting effects and general lighting based on several differing types of lighting modifiers. While he mainly did this for still photography, it’s a pretty fascinating lesson in lighting and what look you are going for and so I thought I would share it with all of you. I figured, we all need to properly light and use certain types of lighting modifiers so there’s bound to be something useful in here. Now, the challenge is, to get someone to do one of these for some basic lighting rigs and modifiers for video so we can post it for everyone.

Karl Taylor’s blog posts and videos are specifically aimed at beauty lighting but he talks about hard and soft light and some other things that I think are good for everyone. He states that if you’re newer to photography or just learning about light then you should watch this  video before you watch the other.

In this second video he’s talking about the lighting and modifiers that he likes to use for fashion or beauty shoots.

This might not pertain to a lot of projects but hopefully it gives you a couple new ways of looking at lighting your next project when you’re trying to set a particular scene or mood. The main site for Karl Taylor is selling and product and we’re not endorsing it or saying anything about it. I just thought that this info might be appealing or useful to some of you as it was interesting to me. If you’ve got a favorite lighting tutorial or tip page, blog or video drop it in the comments. Maybe we need a list of great lighting tutorials as a static page here at ReelSEO, like a one stop shop for how to light your video?