Social networks are here to stay, so says a recent report from Interpret, the media and technology market research firm. Oh they also talked a lot about video and how people get it. In fact, they found that 12% more are streaming movies on the web, they also found that 5% more are doing the same with TV, both up from the year prior. Netflix topped the chart with a 36 point boost over Q1 2009 (and with recent announcements will continue to grow I imagine). What they also said is that flat out, downloading of video is flatter than a pancake on the surface of Jupiter. Well, they didn’t use those exact word really, but you get the picture (ponders if Jupiter has a surface for a pancake to be flattened against).

In regards to those dastardly scoundrels who are illegally downloading movies, TV (can it be illegal if it’s free?) and music, they found that music is the prime target (no big surprise) at 20% while only 9% did so with films and 7% with TV (probably because it’s free). Seriously, they cited not only better quality sites (Hulu comes to mind as does Vevo) but also the sheer number of them. Sure, why download something that might be crappy quality when you can get it straight from the source. That would be like…nah, I probably couldn’t get away with that, I mean Mark only let one porn slip through on that last article.

Now I’m not sure if this is exactly pertaining to legal or illegal but Interpret said that:

Consumers claim the convenience and ease of use, as well as the lack of funds to pay for entertainment, are the main reasons they are driven to file-sharing.

I know there’s an awesome quote from some famous person that would fit really well right here, but I can’t for the life of me remember it.

Sir Francis Drake Courtesy of Wikipedia

I am curious about what exactly is convenient about having to (note this is just hypothetical…) go to Google (or some well-known site where users swing from the mizzenmast, say ARRR MATEY! and shiver their timbers or share their booty) search for some program that will then allow you to download stuff. Then go to one of those said sites that have loads and loads of links to people who are sharing said stuff, search through hundreds, or perhaps thousands of search results to find what you’re looking for and then download it…and wait, and wait, and wait.

Or so I hear anyway. I mean that doesn’t really sound convenient to me at all. I would rather, this is also hypothetical as I am outside of their service area, go to Hulu or Vevo and just watch what I want to watch in decent quality from the source. Though many of us who sail the high digital seas, aren’t in the imaginary boundaries of said Imperial Majesties and therefore many do a Sir Francis Drake…

Also, it seems that Interpret said: If you’re poor, you steal. Am I right? Lack of funds drives us to file-sharing? But, it’s TV and almost everyone has one of those right? The broadcasts are still free in America aren’t they? I don’t really know what a lack of funds has to do with downloading television. Music and films on the other hand…oh yeah, I totally get that.

Alright, enough fun. I didn’t get to read the whole report from Interpret but would gladly do so if they sent it over to me (my email address is in my author bio, FYI). And odd and vague wording aside, it certainly does look like there’s some good information that could be obtained from it. At least we now have yet further confirmation that people like to watch video online. Whew! We’re lucky we’re in this business and not say….male deodorant?