This might very well be the most videos ever on Fun Video Friday.  You would have to have some tremendous extra time to watch them all in one sitting.  But they’re worth it.  There’s so much in this week’s Fun Video Friday that we didn’t know where to stop.  The videos here are so diverse, there’s one with Spider-Man playing basketball.  We have a motorcycle chasing down a car for something silly, and it’s exhilarating.  And probably the best beatboxer you have ever seen.  Glove & Boots discuss the most dangerous sports, and I’m pretty sure Star Wars is in here somewhere.

Fun Video Friday for July 12, 2013

Nerdist has guest stars Jason Schwartzman, Patton Oswalt, Chris Hardwick, Billy Dee Williams (“reprising” his role as Lando Calrissian) in a recreation of the cantina scene in Star Wars, complete with karaoke of Coconut Records’ “West Coast:”

Professor Live has footage of Spider-Man showing mad skills on the basketball court:

This girl learned mad dancing skills in the course of a year (time-lapsed):

This guy learned some crazy motorcycle-driving-by-and-saving-someone’s-cup-that-her-daughter-left-on-the-rear-bumper skills at some point in time, in this POV chase:

Grand Theft Auto V would be a mega-huge game without one trailer or look at the game play.  But Rockstar unleashed a 4 1/2 minute look at a game that looks like it will ruin you for all other games after it.   This thing has 12 million views in just a couple of days:

This December AFI interview with Dustin Hoffman about his epiphany when preparing the character for Tootsie made the rounds this week, and became a huge hit 6 months after it was uploaded:

You’ve probably never seen beatboxing this awesome, as Tom Thum performs for TedxSydney:

The title says it all: “Nerdy Love Song with Added Kitten Bonus:”

That may not have been cute enough for you.  Here’s a duckling running around and taking a bath and getting blow-dried:

Zach Braff and a whole bunch of family, friends, and pets help Matt Hulbert propose to his girlfriend:

Meanwhile, this guy probably will need some major help to get his girlfriend to say yes after this stunt, where he scares the hell out of her with “The Ring Style Wake Up Prank,” uploaded back in April but catching fire this week:

This guy pops the question after speeding through an autocross course:

The Lonely Island goes almost “Super Bowl Shuffle” with this rap about wanting love and not sex, in “We Need Love:”

Things you learn about love from Reddit:

I thought that Blurred Lines video from Robin Thicke looked kind of familiar.  Garlic Jackson Comedy lays the song down over one of the classic Cosby Show openings:

As simple as it gets: a cat version of the opening credits of “Mad Men” called “Meow Men:”

Glove & Boots puppets debate what is the most dangerous sport:

War, summed up by claymation aliens:

Part 1 of Super Mario Bros, done with food, on Vine:

Brock Baker at McGoiter does Spongebob Squarepants voices, all in a minute:

Fail Army compiles 18 minutes of the best (or worst?) YouTube fails of 2013 so far:

Chad Neidt creates a mashup of suggested well-known music slogans from TV commercials:

Slacktory gives us all the coffee and pie scenes from short-lived, but cult classic TV show, Twin Peaks:

Epic Meal Time prepares an amazing Tex-Mex breakfast:

Animeme gives the “Epic Rap Battle” treatment to the animated Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat (some bad language):

The International Space Station would like you to know how hair is washed in space:

ASAP Science showed us what 200 calories looks like last week, now they show you what you can do to burn them:

Minute Earth discusses the fate of the Rocky Mountain Locust back in the 1800s:

Veritasium asks, “How Does A Transistor Work?”

Mental Floss, with Hank Green in tow, discusses 50 common science misconceptions:

As always, have a great Friday.