According to Suranga, Blinkx is offering overlay video ads and is, at times, charging “north of $60 dollars” per thousand views (CPM). This is very interesting news and comes just after a report from Forrester showing that online video advertising will reach $7.1 Billion in revenue by 2012.

Those of you that are in the online marketing space, know that this is an incredibly attractive CPM. Most major media sites throughout the internet sell ads anywhere from $.50 cents CPM for remnant display ads to $15 or $20 if lucky for a local advertiser display ad. Video Pre-roll ads have been sold for as much as $30-$35 CPM but $60? We will have to see if this sticks but apparently advertisers are bitting. However, suffice to say that not all their videos command this price, some are advertising overlay on Blinkx for as little as $7 CPM

overlay adsBlinkx has determined that video from certain creators, such as independent British television network ITN, can command these higher CPM prices. I came across a short interview with Blinkx CEO and founder Suranga Chandratillake where he talks about ITN, a UK-based news network that has been syndicating through Blinkx.