This week’s creator tip comes straight from YouTube’s official blog, and concerns the first few seconds of your video. Many creators attempt to use a logo or a piece of music to create a bit of a consistent branding message to open their videos. But YouTube actually recommends you get straight to attention-getting content.

This week’s video marketing creators’ tip comes directly from YouTube’s recently released Creators’ Playbook.  How to make video openings that increase viewer attention.

Tips From YouTube On Starting Your Video With A Bang

  • Immediately grab your viewer’s attention – this can definitely be done with a flashy visual effect, but can be done more effectively with the actual words you say to open the video.
  • Make it very clear what your video is about – Don’t confuse the viewer, or leave them guessing as to what you’re about to show them or tell them.
  • Tease the rest of your video in your opening – The idea is to intrigue your audience and pique their interest so they’re more likely to stay tuned-in to the whole thing.

To sum up: A custom intro might look cool and help establish your branding, but YouTube says that is not the star of the video. The star is you… or your content. Put that first to entice viewers to stick around throughout the entire length of your video.

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This week’s creator tip for those of you guys who create online video comes straight from YouTube’s blog. Basically what we see on TV and on YouTube is we use the first couple opening seconds of our videos to brand our channel or brand whatever our show is. But YouTube says instead to offer compelling content up front, do that first and then brand your channel later.

They say start off with something that will immediately grab your viewer’s attention, whether it’s a flashy visual or something you say, grab their attention first. Number two, make it very clear in those opening seconds what your video is about so they’re not confused as they watch it. Number three, tease the rest of your video in your opening so your audience is intrigued and they stay with you through the whole thing.

How’s it going, I’m Toby Turner and I only drink out of jewel encrusted goblets so, I’m really thirsty cause I don’t have any jewel encrusted goblets. And this is Cute, Win, Fail. The show where three different Styrofoam cups I salvaged from the garbage compete to become the most epic.

A flashy intro may look really cool but YouTube says that is not the star of the video. You are or your content is so make that come first and make that the star that intrigues people to watch the whole thing.

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