It’s no surprise that more and more of us are watching video via our mobile devices and the latest Video Index Report from Ooyala confirms that. In the first 3 months of 2013, 10% of all video consumption was via a smartphone or tablet, compared to just 4% in Q1 2012. The report also found that second screen users spent half of their total time spent online watching long form videos over 10 minutes in length. Taken from a data group of 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries, Ooyala asserts the study reflects the changing nature of our viewing habits as we increasingly turn away from traditional TV to find our news and entertainment.

Second Screen Consumption of Video Content

The way we watch video via our tablets and smartphones accounted for 10% of all global online video views in Q1 2013. The combined tablet and smartphone share grew by 19% in the same period.

mobile tablet video q1 2013

Desktop Consumption of Video Content 

In the last quarter, desktop viewers watched live video 13 times longer than than they did Video On Demand. Worldwide, desktop viewers watched live sports broadcasts, live news and special events, like the election of the new pope, for an average of 40 minutes. Although connected TVs and gaming consoles attracted a higher engagement rate, an average of 38% of desktop viewers made it through to the end of the video they were watching.

 Live Video Vs Video On Demand

Ooyala found that on average, viewers watched around 45 minutes of live video via their Connected TVs and gaming consoles per session – 9 times longer than they did for VOD. The figure was even higher for desktop viewers as they watched live video 13 times longer per play than Video on Demand. Mobile viewers watched live video 3 times longer, with tablet users 4 times longer. Viewers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan watched live video 20 times longer than they did VOD, across all platforms and devices.

vod vs live q1 2013

 Consumers Love Long Form Video

Viewers using both tablets and mobile devices spent more than 50% of total online viewing time watching long-form videos. Tablet users spent an average of 25% of of their time watching video content that lasted 60 minutes or more.

long form video

You can download the report from Ooyala here.