With the online video advertising market booming a long list of services are coming forward and offering you a variety of solutions for online video marketing and online video advertising. These companies offer affordable solutions that work great for small and medium sized-businesses (SMBs).

Here are some highlights of both existing and recently announced video advertising service providers aiming to take your advertising online, over the airwaves, digital signage and even onto mobile phones and devices.

Mixpo (http://www.mixpo.com) – Already established in the market and aimed at SMB and local advertisers who want a self-service platform or want to use a creative agency to manage the campaign. The service is centered on the Mixpo video player which tailors the video feed to the user’s bandwidth and allows for user interaction with the video and the online editor that allows clients to quickly repurpose video. Mixpo is partnered with numerous interactive agencies, directories, ad networks, publishers and marketplaces.

Turnhere (http://www.turnhere.com) – Another turn-key solution that handles everything from video production to distribution for online advertising, also aimed at local and small to medium-sized businesses. The service is specifically targeted at media, publishing, travel, local, real estate, education, health care and financial services industries. Aim to be a one-stop shop for video ad production, planning, distribution and tracking. Distributes to Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, YourTube and iTunes as well as others. They boast a worldwide network of 3,200 filmmakers.

PixelFish (http://www.pixelfish.com) – Offers a full-service affordable video solution for advertisers with a network of 1500 filmmakers worldwide. The multi-tiered platform offers both pre-made video for purchase as well as original video creation that can then be geo-targeted and distributed via online, mobile, television and digital signage at trade shows, store kiosks etc. Distributes advertising via Google, YouTube, Helius, Yahoo video and MSN among others. Video player is flash-based and can be branded with company logos etc. Offers several delivery options including streaming, Flash, Beta SP and CD/DVD.

Buzzspot (http://www.buzzspot.net) – Taking a more informal approach to television advertising, Buzzspot believes that everyone should get their 15 minutes of fame and that it should be affordable. They offer free video ad creation planning (not free ads as the site would suggest), schedule creation to fit your needs, promotion of your ad and business online and analysis of the tracking data and a phone call with you to discuss the campaign. Online distribution includes Google and Yahoo and television advertising via ‘all major networks.’ The service is listed as being in ‘beta.’

VideoBloom (http://www.videobloom.com) – The mission of VideoBloom is to ‘provide you with innovative solutions to grow and manage your online video presence.’ From creative services to delivery, distribution and tracking VideoBloom is aiming to be another full-service provider for video advertising. They allow you to create your own video online as well as offer assistance to edit, optimize and stream your videos. The video player and API are skinnable so they can be colored and branded as seen fit. VideoBloom is aimed at companies and organizations big and small that want video advertising online or to add video capabilities to their own website. Focuses on software creation to create, manage, distribute and track online video advertising.

Spotmixer (http://www.spotmixer.com) – This One True Media-owned service allows you to create as many videos as you like for online advertising via their online editor. The self-service creation and distribution platform aims to grab the SMB market due to its ease-of-use and low cost. Offers templates, licensed music and other tools to help clients quickly create advertisements for online distribution. Also offers analytics to track conversion rates and statistics. Monthly subscription-based service to create and distribute your online videos via Google Adword, YouTube and ‘major online directories, guides and listing services.’

Aditall (http://www.aditall.com) – Another service listed as in ‘beta.’ Aditall is a video advertising community where you can create, produce and distribute video ads. Offers customizable pre-made videos and the option to combine them with music as well as request specific ideas to be developed by the network of artists. Aditall connects filmmakers, musicians and production personnel with advertisers seeking video online and recently branched out to the television advertising market as well. Clients select the specific clips, music and graphics they want in their advertisements and mix them online in the video editor to create their own ads.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the video advertising services offered but is an informative look into the offerings available. Whether you are looking for a total self-service service or a full-featured, step-by-step planning and campaign strategy and optimization service there is something available for you. Several services are beginning to combine online advertising with more traditional offline outlets like print, television and signage as well if you are looking for one service to manage or track your entire advertising campaign.