satisfactionWhether or not you are currently leveraging online video marketing, no doubt you have heard that marketing with video should be part of your strategy. But does online video marketing really work for businesses? Is it worth the effort that is required? Are those that currently leverage online video marketing satisfied with the results that they’ve achieved?

Back in December, Marketing Sherpa released what I would consider the most detailed and comprehensive video marketing report and guide for the industry, “Marketing with Video Report: Online, TV, and Mobile.” Research presented in this report indicates a resounding YES – marketers ARE satisfied with online video marketing.

The vast majority of those surveyed (95%) for the report, who have utilized online video as a marketing tool, were satisfied with online video marketing and expect to use it in the future.


Breakdown of Results:

57% of those that were surveyed indicated that they were “Satisfied” with the performance of their video marketing efforts. 29% responded that they were “not sure” and only asmall portion of those surveyed, 9%, indicated that the results were not as positive as they had expected. None-the-less, those same respondents indicated that they would continue to utilize video marketintg and felt optimistic that with a few modifications, future online video campaigns would perform better.

Only a very small percentage, 5%, said they were NOT satisfied with online video marketing.

In total, more than 95% of respondents expressed some level of satisfaction with their online video marketing efforts.

online video marketingOf course, this makes sense when you consider a recently released survey from PermissionTV which stated that more than 2/3rds ofsenior marketing and media executives identified online video as a primary focus of their 2009 digital marketing campaigns and budgets.More than 50% stated that they plan to launch online video projects in the first half of this year.

Obvioulsy, at ReelSEO, we are firm believers in the power of online video as an interactive marketing strategy. To us, the question has never been, “Does video work?” We know that it can and does. The question that we strive to answer is, “How do I make video marketing work for my business and what are the best practices for effectively utilizing this tactic?”

It is our mission to help you answer that question and devise a online video marketing strategy that will work for you.

We highly recommend that our readers purchase this comprehensive report and guide on video marketing from Marketing Sherpa. To purchase the report on Marketing with Video, click here.