It seems that these days, many people go on and on about the increasing number of opportunities that current technology offers to make ourselves look like idiots, be it ill-considered tweets, inappropriate Facebook pages, or the big one: embarrassing videos.

But perhaps the solution lies in a change of perspective. Rather than thinking that there’s too many ways a business or individual can come across looking foolish, maybe what it takes is the realization that there’s so many new ways to manage and repair reputations! Here’s how you can use one of those tools, video, to keep that reputation clean and minty fresh.


Let’s start with the fundamentals. Take the time to actually join YouTube, which by the way, is owned by Google, so you may want to make sure you also have a GooglePlus account. Just as important, come up with a user name that closely reflects your business. If you’re a tax agency, having OzzyRulez666 or MegaDoctorWhoFan12 will do nothing for you. It sort of defeats the purpose.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Make a video that tells your story, as in who you are, what you do, and anything else you can think of that puts your company in a positive light. If ignorance breeds fear and suspicion, then knowledge creates trust and confidence. When you’re open with your prospective customers, you come across less as a faceless, anonymous business, and more like just a regular person, a fellow working stiff, someone that people can relate to.

Spread the Word

Once you create a video, share it. For starters, post it on YouTube. If your business has a blog, post it there. If you don’t have a blog, then shame on you! Go get one, right now, even if it initially is just a bare-bones effort, and then post the video there. Post links to it on your Facebook and GooglePlus accounts, and tweet the info as well.

A Subtle Rebuttal

Why come up with a verbal or written answer to a negative review when you can formulate a response via video? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Nail down any negative phrases written by your critics, phrases that people in turn are using in their searches, then make a video around it, for the purposes of a rebuttal. As a nice twist, if there’s a phrase that comes up more often than any other, then consider using it in your keywords. For instance, say your company is called “Tech-Turn”, and your critics keep referring to it as “Tech-Turd”. Fine, then. Use the phrase as a keyword, and people conducting a search for it will end up getting a link to your video as well. This is called “beating them at their own game”.

Make a Propaganda Film

Consider filming testimonials from real customers, extolling the virtues of your products and services, maybe even an account or two of how you resolved an issue to their satisfaction. Or give other people the chance to create a video; you can have a contest where customers can send in a home-made video, singing the praises of your business.

So, in tying all of this together, it becomes clear that you can use video to not only do damage control when needed, but also enhance your reputation online. When you demonstrate to the Internet masses that you know your way around videos as well as have a sense of humor, you become that much more appealing a choice to do business with.