Online Video Is Larger Than Blogging or Social Networking?

With the recent release of statistics that show only about 1% of video consumption is online or mobile, can online video really be larger than blogging or the social networks?

According to new information from Trendstream (remember, the guy who said “broadcast mode is dead”) based on research done by Lightspeed Research (apparently based on surveys), online video is the biggest of the three with 72% of US web surfers taking in a video at their favorite video site earlier this year. If that’s the case then it could very well be the most popular of the three.

Building on from that Lightspeed also says that 62% of those that responded said they watch at least one clip per week which they estimate comes out to 97 million weekly viewers, a number that Trendstream recently quoted as saying enough to rival TV viewers. According to Nielsen, who we know uses panel-based research, there were about 117 million for that same time period.

Now the question is, are people over-reporting or over-estimating their online viewing because “it’s cool and everyone is doing it?” The research also stated that 82% of teens and young adults (so 16-24) streamed video while only 73% of 25-34 year-olds and 65% of 55-64 year-olds.

Less than half of those that responded said they uploaded or shared a video of their own and the rate dropped as the age climbed. Not really a big surprise there is it? How many grandmothers do you know who are whipping out an HD video camera and then uploading clips to YouTube and the like?

In regards to sharing videos (not of their own creation) the numbers looked like this:

  • Half shared a video via email
  • A quarter shared one through social networks
  • A fifth (20%) did so through an IM
  • A lowly 14% used the built-in functionality on a video-sharing site (odd no?)

How did everyone find their video? Why YouTube of course! Well it lead the way over other routes including email (probably from friends or family), music and/or news sites like Yahoo, etc.

The thing I find fascinating is that the built-in sharing on the sites ranked so low overall. So many sites are busy building out this sharing and social networking functionality when all they really need to do apparently is drop an ’email this video’ button on them and call it a day. Also, only about 25% are using social networking? That shows a severe lack of presence on the social networks as far as I’m concerned.

What about all that video getting shared via Twitter and applications like iLike on Facebook not to mention the entire MySpace music site which offers up videos as well. It seems like these survey-based results aren’t hitting a wide enough spectrum of users or the survey is taking place outside of the social networking realm lowering results that might actually be far higher.