In memory of Apple’s founder, the late Steve Jobs, who passed away this week, I’ve put together what I think will be a complete list of notable video-related technology creations from Jobs and Apple. See what made the Top 10 list, along with the no-so-great ones.

Because it would be really difficult and biased for me to try and rank these accomplishments, I’m just listing them here in chronological order based on their original (first) releases to the public.

The Top 10 Video Innovations From Steve Jobs AND Apple’s History

Do keep in mind, I’m referring to both Steve Jobs AND Apple. Some of these technology innovations happened when Jobs had left Apple, and one of them was by Jobs separate from Apple. But they all count in my book!

1. 1984 – “1984” Super Bowl Commercial

2. 1986 – PIXAR movie studios (established in 1979, acquired by Steve Jobs in 1986)
3. 199? – QuickTime video codec (followed by QuickTime Pro, Apple’s first video editing software)
4. 1999 – iMovie
5. 2001/2002? – Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software (later had Final Cut Express in 2003, and Final Cut X in 2011)
6. 2003 – iSight (both the standalone webcam, and now built into our computers)
7. 2005 – iTunes (while it was originally established in 2003, iTunes’ didn’t allow for video support until 2005; and it’s digital video store sold TV shows in 2005 and movies in 2006)
8. 2005 – Video iPod (iTouch in 2007)
9. 2007 – iPhone

Here’s the first iPhone commercial, which aired during the Oscars:

10. 2011 – iPad (Tablet)

The Not-So-Great Apple innovations with video

  • Quicktime camera (before 2000?)
  • Apple TV (2007)
  • HTML5-only iPhone/iTouch/iPad devices (no flash, seriously guys?)

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