Some new research numbers have come in from Digitas showing the effectiveness of online video for brand uplift and user engagement. They pinged some 2,211 Americans (18+) back in late March with Harris Interactive. Among the findings of the report was the fact that 46% of online video viewers would check out a new product or brand if a video they’re viewing mentioned it. The real question, I guess, is what percentage of them would do it without the video…

There’s a slight uptick to 49% who say if a brand they follow posts a video they’ll watch it, but it still doesn’t address how many would do it without the video, as in, just a standard text post or text and image post about it.

“Investing in online video is no longer optional. Consumers are hungry for online content and ready to take this journey with brands…” says Stephanie Sarofian, Managing Director of The Third Act:, the brand content unit of Digitas.

This could also extend to products on TV that offer a link or something for more information as the report also found that 63% of US adults checked out some online content while watching TV. I do it myself during┬ácommercial breaks, but usually not checking out products from the commercials which all seem to be fast good, car insurance and big banks trying to lure us in – three things I don’t need.

But, again, I digress. The report showed the 27% check out content related to the show they’re watching (which is something I’ve done and I only watch 6 hours of TV a week). Still, 48% say it’s unrelated which makes me think the other 25% didn’t know what they were looking at?

This all tracked across multiple demographics quite well. While 51% of those 18-44 talked about watching brand video, 39% of 55+ did as well, nor such a drastic drop off as one might think.

In terms of brands followed online, 58% of those 18-34 said they’d check out that video the brand posted while 45% of the 55+ group would also. That’s definitely a statement right there – almost 50% of 55+ would check out video posted by a brand.

If the video happened to have that person’s favorite celeb? The 18-34 crowd was very likely to check that out with 62% saying yes. Still, 42% of the 55+ crowd also said they would do it. That’s definitely something to think about if you’re a big brand.

If it’s got content from their favorite TV show? 69% of the younger crowd are eating it up while 47% of the 55+ crowd would be as well.

Those are some pretty big viewer engagement factors.

Here are two more info bits about that 55+ group.

  • Women ages 55+ are more likely to look up a brand after seeing it in a video online than men ages 55+ (44% versus 34%).
  • Women ages 55+ are significantly more likely than men to look at unrelated online content while watching TV (47% versus 32%).

This all comes from their third “Digitas’ Data Digests, a series of survey-based studies related to digital media and advertising.”

The company consists of founding partners AOL, GooTube, Hulu, Microsoft Ads and Yahoo! so, a big chunk of salt for these numbers because A) none of them would profit from these numbers being bad and B) here’s their methodology statement:

Survey Methodology:

The survey was conducted online with the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Digitas from March 22-26, 2012 among 2,211 U.S. adults age 18 years and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

To me that reads “so there’s no way to check our math.” It does give a link to get more info, which I’ll do and check back in with you. They don’t have the most user-friendly website either.