E-commerce video solutions provider Invodo recently did a creative promotional launch with a video titled “Video Filled the Shopping Cart.” (a takeoff on MTV’s first-ever video broadcast of “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles). I caught up with Invodo’s CEO Craig Wax on the story behind the making of the video, and how they’re helping people better understand the impact of online video for retail business and e-commerce – done in an entertaining, informative, and personalized way. (Click below to listen to the podcast of our interview.)

The Inspiration Behind the Music Video

“One of the things we really believe is that video works.” Says Craig. “And the reason why we put this video together was because we know that people are attracted to video, and in an environment like this, just like the Web, there is a lot to choose from. So we wanted to essentially ‘eat our own dog food’ and use video to get our presence to break through at the conference.”

Craig Wax, invodo CEO. (Does he dress like this at work, too?)

Invodo purposely launched and promoted the video on their site and the social networks to time with the IRCE 2010 conference as a means of generating advance buzz. Craig explained to me that everything with their promotional video was done in-house by their own staff. That included writing the lyric, composing and producing the music, and featuring themselves as the talent. The short-form video (which you can watch below) is effective from a content standpoint at promoting its own business model – video in e-commerce – to the larger Internet retail industry at large. While their extended video also includes a product example that would likely be more geared for actual client prospects.

Craig explained that common theme of the music video is that people understand that video is something that’s here now, and is ready to really shake up the e-commerce industry for retailers.

“I think retailers inherently know that if they’re going to be successful today, they’ve got to find a way to integrate video into their site.” Says Craig.

Listen to my audio interview and you’ll hear Craig talk more about the inspiration and team effort behind making the music video, and have him answer these questions:

  • What are the common misconceptions that retailers have about doing online video for their own business?
  • What are some Video SEO tips for retailers and businesses, and how does Invodo provide that for their own clients?

About Invodo

Invodo is an eCommerce video solutions provider, with a focus on in-house video production for client products, an online video publishing platform and player especially designed for retail, and attracting traffic for their customers through SEO and social network distribution.

Especially handy for retailers and ecommerce professional to check out is the Invodo blog, which provides regular posts and links on the compelling case for ecommerce video, including how video solutions also boost SEO. (Also check out the resources section of their website for some good white papers and recorded webinars.)