Facebook Now Let’s You Add Video to Facebook Comments

This article explores how to use Facebook video commenting. If you’re interested in an update on 2015 Facebook video trends, click here to download the Tubular Cross-Platform Guide.

Did you know you can add a video to a comment you leave on a Facebook post? When you include a link in a comment on anyone’s Facebook post or status update, you’ll get an “expanded view” which contains a thumbnail preview and blurb associated with the website or a video that can be “previewed” (actually the whole video can be played) directly within the comment itself.

Add a Video to Your Facebook Comments

This first came to our attention from Facebook Guru Mari Smith. Below is a screenshot she took and her announcement on her own FB page just yesterday when this was still in beta testing:

Links added to comments now contain a preview! Test it out here – add a comment below with a link to your latest blog post… or other helpful link!! :)”

Observations on Facebook Comments with Video “Previews”

  • Facebook comments does allow you to preview embedded videos. Simply enter in the full URL (http://www…), and it shows the video’s title, original video sharing platform website, and a graphic play button (assuming the origin site owner has marked up their page properly).
  • If you copy-paste the new Facebook link that reroutes to the same video, even that will also play as an embedded comment as well.
  • Either you or the original Facebook page administrator can click the “Remove Preview” link right in the same comment if you don’t want to have an embeddable video (i.e., playback right within the comment.)

So what are your thoughts on this feature? What other features do you think would be useful? What benefits do you think this has?