I interviewed Jimmy Healey, Senior Manager of E-Commerce for Onlineshoes.com, at the 2010 Video Commerce Summit. What do we talk about? Well why don’t you quit being a lazy bum and actually read my article?? Ha ha.. seriously, we talk about you. I mean, what you should be learning from OnlineShoes.com’s own experience with video in e-commerce. Hey, it’s Friday and going to be my birthday week, guys – cut me a break!

OnlineShoes.com’s  Video Strategy – “Anywhere You Can Stick It.”

OnlineShoes.com is the nation’s first and oldest online shoe retailer, started in 1996 online. “We are an active lifestyle brand. We have every kind of shoe or accessory or apparel for people who are into anything that’s outdoors, athletic, casual, or comfort.” Says Jimmy.

OnlineShoes has been doing web video since 2006, and primarily using it for their product detail pages. Jimmy explains that their goal with web video is to “look at how we can help customers have a more informed purchase decision, by presenting more back-end information on the product, intended use for the intended user; just the look and feel of the product on model or in hand; and have all that evolve into creating more engaging content through every channel.”

“And we’re not only using it for product pages; we’re using it with affiliates, we’re using it with email, throughout our site – not just on product detail pages. We’re using it within Google search – just about anywhere we can stick it.”

A Very Collaborative Experience

Jimmy says that because online video in e-commerce is still in its infancy, there’s a lot of learning and sharing of experiences and insights between businesses, especially at conferences like the Liveclicker video commerce summit that have more informal and personal atmosphere and naturally leads to collaborative experiences between attendees. ”

“It’s exciting to see how it has evolved over the course of the last 3 years.” Says Jimmy.  “People are getting more savvy with (video in e-commerce), more people are using it, and more people are seeing the incredible value for it. So for me, the most exciting thing is just seeing the other sites that are doing it, and what they’re learning from it, and their willingness to share.”

Onlineshoes.com's next model? (If you want sales to tank.)

Jimmy’s Tips – Invest, Get Creative, Test & Measure

“I think the greatest insights we’ve gained is, one, just doing it – taking the willingness to make the business decision to actually invest in it.” Says Jimmy. “We didn’t invest heavily at first, but we did do a lot of testing with it. And with testing we found that we made a strong business case for investing considerably more into it.

“So I would say, when you are working with video, test anything you can; and get creative with it – from production level, to the type of content that you’re creating – mess around and see what happens. But make sure you’re measuring it.”