In this week’s Creator’s Tip video, we talk to Nathan Engels, the creator of and contributor to TLC’s Extreme Couponing series.  Nathan gives us his insights to the benefits of video for promoting your site or blog and how online video, and YouTube, have been an integral and important piece for developing and growing their social media marketing strategy.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Nathan Engels or his popular site, we feel that Nathan is a Social Media Guru Genius.  He has over 100,000 likes on his Facebook page, a hugely successful forum that has 200,000+ visitors and recently started utilizing his YouTube channel to further promote his site.

When Nathan first started out he was interested in video and YouTube but was only utilizing it as a place to hold all his videos he wanted to share through his blog.  He has since come to realize the power that YouTube can have for bloggers, people in social media or just regular businesses trying to promote their website or grow their social media presence.  People online are looking to engage and feel a connection.  Videos provides a personal touch that can’t quite be reached with just the use of words and photos alone.    As Nathan puts it,

“We say pictures are worth a thousand words, well videos are literally worth a million because you can see the person, feel the person adn you can sense them through online video…”

He goes on to say that watching a short video gets viewers personally invested in you to the point where they will start to look forward to future videos you put out as they become a loyal follower and reader.

QUESTION:   Do you think that video is an integral part of any social media marketing strategy? How has video affected your social media presence?

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Hey guys today we have a special treat. With us we have Nathan from and he’s going to talk to us a

little bit about how he uses online video to engage website users.

Hey guys my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we just help you guys who are

doing online video know how to make that stuff the best and today Nathan is with us, it’s a special awesome treat to have you with

us man. This guy is Mr. Social Media Guru Genius himself and we’re going to talk a little bit about he uses online video to kind

of engage and promote his website and engage people who are there because he’s pretty much dominated like Facebook. You’ve got

like 110,000 likes on your Facebook page. You’ve got like a forum, very active, like 200,000 users there. So he knows like all

those, but he’s just kind of moving into the online video thing. You learned some very valuable things about YouTube and how you

use it to engage people and stuff. Can you share a bit.

I do. I’m fascinated by online video and I actually found your channel and I have learned so much from Tim and –

He subscribes to us!

I know. It’s cool though here. I think that video is such a powerful medium for bloggers and for people that

are in social media. I really think that it’s an amazing way to really personally connect with your audience. I looked at video

and online video initially, we’ll sort of talk about that, but initially I looked at it just as a YouTube as just a place to hold

my videos because I’m going to put all my videos on my blog and that’s it. And I created videos solely for that purpose. And I

started to realize how powerful videos were and how important they were to my overall social media strategy. And they are a very

powerful asset to any person that’s really looking to grow your social media presence.

So how have you used YouTube to kind of promote some of the things that you are doing on your website?

I think YouTube is a really great place to engage. And that’s really what I’ve learned is people really want to personally connect with you. If you have a blog, the written word is such a powerful thing but pictures are even more powerful. And we say like pictures are worth a thousand words, well videos are literally worth a million because they can grab such a powerful.You can see a person, feel a person, you can sense them through online video and so I learned a lot that how much more powerful people are connecting to you through video content.

And so that really helps promote your website because people feel like they’re connecting to you and that kind of goes along with the second part then which is how do we use online video to really get to people who already are on our website? How to get them engage and they just kind of attach themselves to you?

Yeah, I mean when you watch a four or five minute video you become personally invested in that person. After a while you start watching the videos and you start looking forward to their videos coming out and it’s just you get really, I didn’t realize the YouTube culture that was out there. And that’s a really big thing and I’m starting to realize that there’s so much more on YouTube and it’s so much more like Facebook and so much more like Twitter then I ever thought it was and so I started branching out and looking for those people that are going to be not only your loyal viewers, but your loyal readers.

Well his channel is so if you want to go check him out there. There’s a lot of cool things of couponing and he’s actually been on, well he helped develop the pilot episode if you know TLC’s Extreme Couponing helped put all that together. He’s been on there a couple times so he’s got some production experience as well and he’s kind of putting and wrapping that all together on so the link is below. Go check it out and thanks for hanging out with us guys. If this is your first time hanging out with us make sure you click the subscribe button. We’ve got a couple more videos coming up with Nathan and we would love to hear from you guys if you run and operate your own website, how have you seen YouTube and online video in general really help you promote your website and engage with the people who are there. We’d love to hear from you and learn from you so comment below. We will see you guys on, when do I do the Reel Web? Tuesday’s! We’ll talk to you guys later, bye!