Some time back there was a report that had an obvious conclusion, pairing your video ads with similar premium content generally means better overall performance. Well, Affine has a system that pretty much allows you to do that and TubeMogul has jumped on with them. So now, through TubeMogul, you should be better able to peek inside the stream and see if the content meshes well with your ad and if not, place your ads elsewhere.

TubeMogul & Affine Team Up On Video Ad Targeting

According to the press release, clients of TubeMogul’s platform can now leverage the Affine Contextual Targeting Platform to target brand-safe content categorized by Affine’s proprietary technology.

Basically, TubeMogul clients will have the Affine Contextual Targeting Platform, which accurately determines the content in videos and provides another targeting layer by using in-depth categorization to allow them to see the exact video content they are running ads on.

This will give added targeting availability aside from standards like day-parting, specific sites, demographics, location, etc, meaning that ad buyers can better do their job and get the ads they’ve got to the target audience desired.

Here’s Amy Richards, Chief Marketing Officer at Tubemogul, on the parntership:

“We’ve always been dedicated to giving media buyers complete control over exactly where their ads run and what audiences see them. Partnering with Affine is a natural fit, giving our clients another layer of safety.”

Affine Systems Technology

According to the sparsely populated Affine Systems website, their technology works on facial recognition and object recognition so that media buyers can look and see just what’s in the videos that the ads are showing against.

I suppose, if you’re the media buyer for say, S.C. Johnson you don’t want your ads to show against videos with Proctor & Gamble products in them…or do you? Either way, you’d be able to find out where you should be placing the ads.

According to, Affine Systems have also just landed, YouTube, Tremor and DBG as well as TubeMogul.