It’s that time again, VidCon is coming. The fifth annual VidCon is set for June 26-28, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. They’re expecting around 18,000 of us so we had better start making our accommodation plans or you’ll be sleeping out in the parks. They’re offering two tracks Industry and Community. Clearly the first is for people in the industry and the second for people who are fans of the content we all create. Here’s a taster of what you can expect:

According to the announcement there’s a list of online video celebs to be in attendance including, Charles & Alli Trippy, Charlie McDonnell, Freddie Wong, Grace Helbig, Hank & John Green, Hannah Hart, iJustine, Philip DeFranco (what up PhillyD!), Toby Turner, Ze Frank, Jack & Finn Harries, Tyler Oakley, The Gregory Brothers, Wheezy Waiter, Dane Boedigheimer (The Annoying Orange), The Fine Brothers, Rhett & Link, Shay Carl, Zoella, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee and Troye Sivan.

After reading that list of names it will be no surprise that YouTube is signed up as the major sponsor again this year. If you’re wondering which pass to get, here’s the low down.

VidCon 2014: Community & Industry Passes

The community pass offers full access to, gatherings, performances, concerts, signings, the festival, dances and the expo hall. The industry pass includes access to all of the community events as well as industry-specific content that runs throughout the conference. Industry content is geared toward professional creators and others in the industry such as people who work for advertisers, platforms, agencies and networks. Community passes can be purchased for $150 and industry passes for $550, with special early bird pricing available for a limited time. Passes can be purchased at

vidcon 2014

There’s not a lot of details just yet on what is going to be happening or who will be giving keynotes but that should all be coming soon. Regardless, if you’re an online video fan or an industry insider, VidCon is one of the places you should be at in 2014 so get to making plans.

See you there!