Media giant Viacom and social media giant Twitter have agreed a deal with Pepsi, Degree Women and other brands to develop the Amplify social video advertising platform for campaigns based around the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and other big TV moments. The initial sponsorship opportunities sold out within a week and given the level of interest, Viacom and Twitter have created new sponsorship deals around Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco and more than 30 other events and shows to the end of 2014. The roast will be filmed on August 25th during the VMA’s, but will air on September 2nd.

Viacom will promote the brands locked into the deal via backstage clips, water cooler moments, interviews and other video footage surrounding the VMAs, the Roast and other up and coming shows. A pre-roll ad before the content is one possibility as are other variations of branded content. The videos will range from 15 to 90 seconds in length and Twitter will distribute the clips via promoted posts.

The 2012 VMAs generated 14.7 million tweets, making it one of the most tweeted events of last year. MTV currently has more than 13.3 million combined followers for its U.S.-based Twitter accounts.

Adam Bain, president of global revenue at Twitter, said of the deal:

Twitter is live, public and inherently mobile, which makes the VMA’s the perfect place to take advantage of Twitter’s Amplify program. Viacom has long been a pioneer of harnessing Twitter to give viewers new ways to interact and share in live TV, and we’re thrilled to be working with the network and its sponsors to deliver this experience to viewers.

Social media chatter and promotion has already started for the ‘Roast’ with video clips and photos being pushed out to the public via the hashtag #FrancoRoast.