In a deal rumoured to be worth around $50m for a 10% shareholder stake, YouTube look set to invest in music distribution group Vevo. Uncertainty has clouded their partnership since December 2012 when both parties failed to reach an agreement regarding their current contract. The new arrangement, which has yet to be finalised, will allow Vevo to continue to provide their content on YouTube – a compromise that will provide huge benefits to both companies.

It’s believed that the new deal will mean Vevo giving up one third of its revenue to YouTube but will allow them to continue to dominate the rankings on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the latest figures released from Comscore, music distributor Vevo remains the number one channel on YouTube in the UK. Out of the 32 million unique views that YouTube received in November 2012, Vevo accounted for nearly 11.8 million of them – an impressive 39%.

Top 10 UK YouTube Channels

Warner Brothers came in at second place with 6.1 million unique viewers in the UK, followed by Machinima with 5.4 million in November 2012.