For some of you, “old-school MTV programming” might still mean reality shows and maybe even TRL or something.  For me, the phrase means 24 hours of music (well, probably 8 of those hours will be commercials, but you catch my meaning).  Almost as if in answer to some of the cord-cutting talk going around today, digital music video content provider VEVO is coming to TV with their own channel and everything later this year.  The new network will begin online and is available right now on their website, mobile, and consoles.

VEVO TV: What’s Going On With the Deal With YouTube?

Bloomberg is reporting that YouTube is close to a deal with VEVO, spending $50 million on a company valued at $650 million.  The new TV channel will not be a part of this deal, as VEVO wants to shy away from dependence on YouTube.

VEVO TV will be using “tailored ads” on the new channel, which means viewers will be subjected to ads that are specifically tailored to them based on registration data.  This will be happening even when the channel launches on pay TV.

And, after all that, VEVO has unveiled a new logo as well:  vevonewlogo

So, it looks like VEVO is recognizing the importance of not only being able to promote and monetize through YouTube, but branching out beyond YouTube in order to not be so dependent on their ad model.