If you hate ads and love live streams from Ustream, you can now avoid the first and have all of the second you want with their new premium service, which will cost $3.99. Now your birds, dogs, cats and other live events won’t be laced with pre-rolls, overlays or any other ads.

Sure, the majority of us wouldn’t pay for an ad-free experience on content we get online. Notable exceptions are Netflix and Hulu. No wait, Hulu Plus still shows ads…jerks. So Ustream seems to think their content is worth $4 a month which makes me wonder how little they’re making per stream on ads that they settled on $4 per account.

The premium account will also pull display ads as well as those in-stream ads which is really something if you think about it. Here’s the full info on the premium accounts from their blog.

Ustream Premium Memberships, a brand new service that lets you watch all of your favorite shows without advertisements. For $3.99 per month, you get:

  • Unlimited Commercial-Free Viewing – Never miss a moment of your favorite Ustream shows – you’ll stay live when everyone else cuts to commercial. Commercial free viewing also removes display ads throughout the site, so you won’t have to worry about distracting banners while you watch.
  • Premium Social Stream – Wanna stand out in the crowd? Premium members get special badges in the social stream, bold text, and a premium watermark. You’re sure to catch Justin Beiber’s eye when he’s answering questions from the social stream!\
  • Premium Profile Icon: You’ll also get a premium members badge on your profile page–sure to elicit envy from fellow Ustreamers.

At $3.99 a month that’s just about $48 a year and I can’t say that I would watch enough Ustream content where I think that would be a good investment for me personally.

Now the company says that this was all the result of user feedback, so I imagine there are some people that think it’s worth it. Ustream has been working on offering more content from both legitimate as well as professional sources and has live sessions with music artists, NASA, sports and even, E3 (where I will be next week).

Looking at some pages on the site, most have just one display ad and many videos have 30 second pre-rolls on them.

Now I’m willing to pay $7.99 a month for Netflix, will probably pay every other month or so for Hulu Plus at $7.99. I’m still not sure that I believe Ustream to be worth $3.99 a month. Are any of you using it? What are you broadcasting or what are you watching and do you think it’s worth the cost?

After all, it’s just 30-second pre-rolls and some mid-roll overlays and display ads on the pages. I guess at half the price of those others I would pay for it if I was watching at least half the amount of time that I used those, but I’m not.