Last week Google announced that they were shutting down Google Video and that users had until April 29th (this coming Friday) to download their content if they wanted to keep it. I think I joked to Mark at the time, that, “if there are any Google Video users left, they might want to know about this.” But lo and behold… there are Google Video users. And they weren’t the least bit happy with Google’s big shutdown announcement.

After enough angry users let Google Video know their true feelings, it seems the company has had a change of heart. In a new blog post, Google announces some important changes to the Google Video phase-out plan:

Deadline Removed

Users no longer have to have their videos downloaded by April 29th. There has been a stay in the execution plans. Though there is no indication of a new deadline, one assumes there will still be an end-date down the road. But bottom line… users clearly didn’t think Google gave them enough time, and so now they’ll have more.

Migrate To YouTube

In the original announcement, Google talked about the “download” button they’d created to help users retain a copy of all uploaded clips. They also encouraged users to move to YouTube as their new platform.

Now, however, they’ve made an even more direct link to YouTube. There is now an “Upload Videos to YouTube” option in your Google Video status page. You will need to already have a YouTube account in place–and it must be linked to your Google Video account.

Instead of downloading from Google Video and then re-uploading to YouTube, users can now just click this handy button once and the rest is automated. That’s a really nice touch.

Users are still able to simply download the videos, should they intend to host at a non-YouTube platform moving forward (or if they just want to keep a copy).


I’m surprised–bordering on shocked, really–that there were enough active Google Video users remaining to raise a big enough stink to get the deadline extended. I truly don’t know anyone who uses Google Video as a hosting option. And yet, those people must be out there, because Google’s not known for changing deadlines and plans just for the heck of it.

As for the easy migrate-to-YouTube button, I’m a little surprised they didn’t offer that right from the start–or anytime over the last three years as a means of encouraging users to move platforms sooner.

Do you have any videos left on Google Video? If so, is the deadline extension good news?