One thing you’ve got to love about certain browsers is the ability to download applications that suit needs not necessarily addressed by the original version.  Many people who take time to create browser applications have found some nifty tricks to better navigate YouTube.  Recently, I’ve seen applications that let you see the lyrics of songs while you watch music videos on YouTube, and there’s another that blocks the advertisements, and recently we just saw one that is highly useful: blocking channels you do not want to see when YouTube’s recommendations come up.   Actually, everywhere such channels pop up.

How ‘Hide Annoying YouTubers’ Works recently reviewed an extension that blocks unwanted channels from the recommendations or suggestions, but not in other places.  But today they are showing an extension that blocks them from:

  • Recommended channels tab on the right side
  • Recommended or related videos on the front page
  • YouTube search results
  • My Subscriptions and What to Watch

This extension is called “Hide Annoying YouTubers from Your YouTube!”  On Firefox it requires the download of Greasemonkey or Scriptish and on Chrome, the download of TampermonkeyThe application defaults three different “unwanted” YouTube channels: PewDiePie, TobyGames and SmoshGames, so if you don’t want those to be blocked, you’ll have to change it.  (I picked on Ray William Johnson, because he’s used to it).

That’s one of the great things about open source web browsers is the ability to tailor your experiences, even as YouTube and other websites change their design and functions to make things, for many people, more annoying.

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