Apple may be the darling of the advertising world but consumers are choosing to ignore their current marketing efforts as iPhone ads account for only 9.4% of smartphone video shares. In a breaking report from Unruly, Apple are losing the social media war with Samsung and Nokia – even the iPhone 4S attracted 2.5 times more social shares than the current iPhone 5 model. Unruly also analysed other players in the technology arena such as tablets, web browsers, game consoles and video games and found that Sony’s PS4 console video ads far outweighed shares for Microsoft’s Xbox, with Sony’s videos generating 90% of the shares and 91% of the views between the two rivals.

The report clearly identifies who is winning the hearts and the minds of consumers in the run up to the big holiday season. The sharing of a video across social networking platforms is a major indication that the content is relevant, informative or entertaining and that people are willing to buy into the brand if they trust the recommendations from their peers. Consuming a video via social media increased ‘brand favorability’ by 23% and increased the ‘likelihood to purchase’ by 103%:


purchase intent

Unruly COO Sarah Wood said of the findings:

Consumer tech has completely transformed over the past decade. In such a fast-moving environment, where innovation is key to grabbing consumers’ attention, brands need a fast-paced medium to market their products. Because social video can be emotionally powerful and at the same time also extremely informative about new products or features, it offers a massive opportunity for brands in the run-up to the holiday season.

But while the numbers are high for certain brands, overall the technology sector lags way behind others when it comes to ad shares with video games and consoles, smartphones, tablets and browsers accounting for only 9% of the market. Consumer goods (packaged and fast moving) and other retail took the lion’s share with 29.4% and 19.7% respectfully.

Let’s take a look at each of the sectors covered;

Smartphones: Apple Is Under Performing Against Rivals

Ads for Samsung smartphones dominate the market, attracting over 50% of the total number of shares. Nokia came in second with 17.4%, while Apple was way behind in third with only 9.4%. Unruly note that the sheer amount of video content released by Samsung may play a significant role in this.

There’s a double blow for Apple as ads for the current iPhone 5 model are proving less popular than the 4S which attracted 2.5 times more shares for the company.

smartphone video shares

Video Game Consoles: PS4 The Clear Winner Over Xbox One

Video ads for Sony’s PS4 console generated 90% of shares and 91% of the views over rival Microsoft’s Xbox One with the ‘Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video’ (with 760,908 shares) being mainly responsible.

Video Games: Grand Theft Auto V Ahead Of The Pack

grand theftb auto v

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V videos have attracted 48% of the video shares this year. At time of writing, the Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video has hit 23,259,188 views since its release in early July 2013 with 729,177 shares.

Call of Duty MW3 still leads the way for all time most shared game trailers with a combined total (from the ‘Reveal’ and ‘the Vet and the N00b’ videos) of 2,304,683 shares.

Tablets: Microsoft Surface Ads More Popular Than Samsung Galaxy

Microsoft’s Surface device is responsible for the two most shared tablet ads of all time, ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1, which came in third. Ads for the Surface attracted 7,811 more shares per video than videos for the Galaxy.

The following ad currently has 8,557,323 views and has attracted over 22,000 comments.

Web Browsers: Chrome Ahead But Internet Explorer Catching Up

google chrome

Unruly found that videos for Google Chrome attracted nearly 70% of the total all time shares although ads for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser are gaining solid ground with nearly 89% of shares in the last 12 month.

Internet Explorer’s ‘Child of The 90’s‘ and ‘Do You Know This Guy‘ videos, both released within the last 10 months have attracted over 50 Million views between them which accounts for the dramatic increased share they have seen against their rival.

You can download a full copy of the report from Unruly here.