Our friends at Unruly have announced that they’ve partnered with Nielsen to offer a 100 percent audience guarantee against Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to help advertisers deliver greater efficiency, from planning to in-flight campaign optimization to audience guarantees and post campaign analysis. It will be available on Unruly’s In-Stream skippable pre-roll format, which features branding and sharing functionality, as well as a comprehensive suite of programmatic targeting options

Unruly Nielsen OCR guarantee

The Same Metrics for TV and Digital Video Advertising

Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings measures the true audience of a digital ad campaign by combining Nielsen panel data with aggregated, anonymous demographic data from digital data providers. Using this unique hybrid approach, Nielsen is able to measure online advertising campaigns of nearly any size, running nearly anywhere on the web. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings has seen swift adoption by many large brands as it allows them to use the same metrics for TV and digital video advertising.

In a press release, Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director, Digital Client Services, Nielsen, said,

We’re excited to forge this relationship with Unruly to better assist media clients as they navigate the industry at a time when fragmentation makes reliable and consistent success metrics more critical than ever.

Three Quarters of Video Views Happen Outside of YouTube

In the release, Richard Kosinski, president, Unruly US, said:

With three-quarters of video views happening outside of YouTube, it’s more important than ever to reach audiences where they are watching and sharing videos. With Unruly and Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, advertisers can be assured that their social video ads were not just viewed, but were also seen by their desired audience within Nielsen’s dataset.

In an email, I asked Kosinski a follow-up question about the 75 percent of this market that YouTube doesn’t reach. He replied:

There are almost a billion platforms and sites across the Open Web where consumers are watching and sharing videos. And advertisers continue to struggle to keep pace with the evolving landscape associated with programmatic exchanges. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides clients with a deeper understanding of where their ads are being watched and provides an additional layer of comfort to assure they’ve delivered against their targets to reduce waste and deliver higher ROI.