Holy end-around Batman! The UK appears to be on the verge of giving the OK for people to ignore the MPAA and RIAA and allow consumers to begin ripping their CDs and DVDs for personal, digital use. The recommendations also include extending the copyright exemption to parody use. Sign me up! I’m moving back to Europe, specifically, the UK (oddly, BBC 5 radio interviewed me this very day!).

Copying CDs & DVDs For Personal Digital Use

All signs point to “Yes” on the big 8-ball in the sky that the UK will tell consumers to go ahead and rip away at those CDs and DVDs they’ve been stockpiling.

This comes on the heels of the nod from Professor Ian Hargreaves earlier this year at the request of Prime Minister David Cameron who did an overview of the British intellectual property landscape.

It seems that, based on his recommendations, the UK is about to give a thumbs up to the striking down of restrictions on making digital copies for personal use. Why? He says that those restrictions were “obstructing innovation and growth and said a shake-up could add nearly 8 billion pounds ($13 billion) to the economy,” according to the Reuters article.

The UK government is set to call it ‘format shifting,’ which I think is an awesome term and will legalize personal copying of copyrighted material. Britain is actually lagging behind as the UK, Ireland and Malta are the only European countries which still prohibit it. I knew I should have stayed in the EU!

Now, this is only for personal use, not bit-torrenting to your buds over on Mallorca or something.

Copyright Exemption Extended To Parodies

In regards to online video, along with other recommendations, the exception of copyright will also apply to parody (so no more worrying about getting sued for aping Monty Python and including some of their clips).

So, if you’re in the UK and planning on or previously doing parody video, you no longer need to seek the original copyright holder’s permission. Isn’t that just lovely?

Cheerio then, welcome to the digital age, UK. Glad you finally made the party.