The Ultimate Fighting Championship recently came to the Fox network, and people who had never watched the UFC before got to see a fight that lasted a little over a minute.  While that was disappointing, I’m sure, to previously-undefeated Cain Velasquez, the UFC, and anyone who watched their first ever match that night, there’s no doubt that the sport is one of the largest-growing events around the world.  That’s why it comes as no surprise that the UFC will now be making available their live Pay-Per-View fights over Android-capable devices, further expanding their reach.

UFC Android App Comes Courtesy of NeuLion

NeuLion has been making some decent waves in the world of sports.  They have deals with Duke and Texas A & M that allow limited amounts of live sports content and condensed games to play over mobile devices, but getting Pay-Per-View UFC matches on Android is huge.  NeuLion is also providing the technology for UFC.TV and Roku, so the sport is becoming greatly accessible.

Whenever the networks realize that mobile viewing of sports will not actually take away from their audience, only increase it, we can start getting better and better content in the future.  After all, we just saw CBS experience one of its most-watched broadcasts and online college football audience just a couple of weeks ago.  The UFC Android app is another step in that direction.