Although YouTube holds tremendous potential for brand marketing, not enough digital marketing executives are capitalizing on it. To address this challenge, Pixability today announced the ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit, which is timed to provide critical YouTube data and insight to brands making ad allocation decisions for both the TV Upfronts and Digital Newfronts.

Both ReelSEO and the Reel Video Summit 2014 are media sponsors of ÜberTube because it provides an opportunity for digital marketing professionals to collaborate with their peers and learn how to leverage YouTube for maximum brand impact. ÜberTube also addresses the unique and exacting requirements of brand CMOs and other digital, social, and media executives.

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In a press release distributed this morning, Lucas Watson, Vice President of Brand Solutions for Google, which owns YouTube, said, “As YouTube now reaches more 18-34 year-olds than any cable TV network in the United States, we’re thrilled that Pixability is helping brands design stronger strategies to participate in the YouTube community.

With audience numbers skyrocketing to more than 166.2 million unique visitors in February 2014, according to Compete PRO, YouTube is now one of the most influential places where brand conversations and decisions happen. By comparison, Facebook also has over 166.2 million unique visitors that month. YouTube is also the world’s second most popular search engine and web property behind only Google. However, recent quantitative research by Pixability has shown that many of the top 100 brands and their agencies fail to effectively leverage YouTube’s marketing and advertising capabilities.

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MediaPost editor at large Bob Garfield says, “Whether as an ad medium or a free venue for branded content, YouTube is increasingly a marketing channel.” Garfield, who will keynote ÜberTube, adds, “The question is: how to use YouTube properly? And the answer is: not the way most brands are using it now. It is phenomenal how wasteful and retrograde supposedly sophisticated marketers can be in what should be the new frontier.”

In addition to the keynotes by YouTube executives and Garfield, ÜberTube will include sessions by NBA-star-turned-agency-exec Jamal Mashburn and digital luminary Jonathan Sackett. These and other leading experts and practitioners will tackle the top three YouTube challenges faced by brand executives:

  • Content – Content Conundrum: Why Teenagers Making YouTube Videos In Their Bedrooms Have a Bigger Audience Than Brands Do.
  • Advertising – Media Madness: Why Traditional Ad Techniques Miss the Mark with Digital Audiences on YouTube.
  • Results – Vanity Vs. Value: Why Data and Measurement Drive Outstanding YouTube Brand Performance and Visibility.

Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO of Pixability, an inaugural sponsor of ÜberTube, says, “The need for a brand-centric discussion on YouTube strategy and execution was long overdue, so we decided to bring together the top brand marketers on YouTube.” She adds, “This summit is about delivering performance and helping the world’s top brands get the most out of their YouTube and Digital Newfronts commitments.”

After attending ÜberTube, brand executives should expect to:

  • Understand the importance of YouTube data, metrics, and measurement.
  • Establish ad allocation strategies for YouTube original content, MCNs, and independent producers.
  • Determine a YouTube strategy before content is produced (versus the opposite).
  • Fix a broken YouTube strategy without firing their agency.
  • Use YouTube to reinvigorate brand social media campaigns.
  • Figure out why brand content isn’t getting found on YouTube.
  • Navigate YouTube advertising options.
  • Integrate YouTube with television campaigns.
  • Reconcile legacy metrics with new digital media.
  • Recognize what YouTube can and can’t do for brands.
  • Leverage independent YouTube producers, while maintaining brand integrity.
  • Learn why content curation may be as important as content creation. 

ÜberTube will take place the morning of April 29, 2014, at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel in New York City. Registration and event details can be found by visiting, emailing [email protected], or calling 617-952-4654.