Social media, especially Twitter, plays a huge role for the YouTube creator, not just for promoting their latest video, but also as a means of reaching out to followers or potential collaborators. But creators will be notified as to who tweeted, the follower count of the tweeter, and what was said in the tweet. Pretty cool, eh? That kind of cross-platform data is invaluable when creators need to know how they are performing, and what kind of content is resonating with the viewing public.

Using Twitter to Grow Your YouTube Fan Base

Of the average 500 million tweets sent per day, Tubular captures over 4 million of them that are identified as YouTube video shares. The site already notifies its users when an influential follower interacts with tubular twitterthem on YouTube itself, but now it is able to do the same for the social media platform. Creators who monitor Twitter for visibility, mentions and opportunities will be better positioned to respond to users who are sharing their content and with this kind of data, they can be more pro-active in building up their fan base via the social network.

Tubular notifications for YouTube is working for many creators already including Ben Ebbrell, from the SORTED Food Channel confirmed that:

It was only the other week that that we got a YouTube comment from Olga Kay. We love Olga and collabed with her a couple of years back but have fallen out of touch and not spoken for a while. A Tubular alert spurred us to get back in touch, found out what she was up to at VidCon and brilliantly we’re now cooking with her on the Main Stage on the Saturday!

It’s the first product release since Rishi Khaitan joined the company from Google, where he was the Product Manager for Realtime Search, integrating Twitter content into Google web search results. Allison Stern, Co-founder of Tubular, told ReelSEO that the new feature was a way to help creators succeed:

The new Twitter notifications feature moves us closer to our goal of being ‘mission control’ for our customers in terms of video marketing. We’re excited about the possibilities the new cross-platform feature will bring.

The free upgrade is available to creators and channel managers from today.